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Why Do People Find It Difficult To Work For Themselves In Nigeria?

by GBADEYAN Clement Tunji
(Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria)

I was ignorant about MLM marketing. If I had known it since five years back, I should have become somebody in Nigeria.

I got to know it by mistake, just by getting flyer from a stranger whom I later knew was my upline.

My question is, why is it that people you are inviting to join MLM in Nigeria are always afraid to join?

Why is it so difficult that somebody who is earning a little naira that cannot keep him till month end will continue to labour and hope in vain and later die in pension queue at old age?

Some people will win accounts for their company which may bring over ten million naira, but for them to work for themselves as MLM marketer is so difficult for them.


Reply By Samson, The Nigeria MLM Consultant

I am glad you observed that the majority of people resident in Nigeria prefer to stay with a low paying job instead of starting a network marketing business with potential to earn big income.

Let me quickly use this opportunity to correct a common misconception.

It's not just Nigerians or residents of Nigeria that prefer being a paid employee to being an independent business person.

Everywhere you look in the world, you will find people who are intelligent, smart, and industrious and who close high value deals worth millions, even billions, for their organizations but who have no desire to be an entrepreneur.

What's responsible for this?

There are at least two reasons.

First, it is easier to be an employee than to be a business person . . . the employer.

Second, business is risky. There is no guarantee that your business will be successful. And if your business fails, you and your family suffer financial loss which is often disastrous.

Consequently, most people to take the easy route. And that means being an employee all their lives.

Believe me, being an employee has some advantages.

When you're an employee of a solid company, you have . . .

  • Job security
  • A stable salary you can bank on month after month
  • Consistency of income and
  • High social status, if you work for a respected company

    When you have consistency of income, you can make long-term and short-term plans with confidence because you will always receive your salary month after month and you know what that salary is.

    Nevertheless, being an employee also has disadvantages. And the disadvantages include:

  • Risk of loss of employment especially with the global economic crisis
  • Fixed income, with perhaps 5-10 percent increase in income annually
  • Loss of control of your time (and life) to your employer
  • Risk of being stuck with a boss you hate or that passionately hates you and makes your life unbearable
  • Risk of being stuck with a job you hate
  • Risk of emotional disorder because of all the conflicting work related emotions driving you crazy
  • Risk of losing your family because you're married to your job for fear of displeasing your boss and losing your job
  • Lack of self fulfillment and self actualization

    Bottom line.

    When you have a paid job, you have a stable life because of your stable income. But, depending on the organization you work and they job you do in the organization, you risk living a luxurious but less than fulfilling life.

    Starting a business, a network marketing business or any kind of business, also has its advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantages include:

  • Potential for unlimited income
  • Quality time for yourself and your family
  • Freedom . . . the freedom to do anything any time you wish to
  • Self fulfillment and self actually

    When you're a business person, you're in-charge of your life. You're as free as a bird.

    I love the freedom business brings!

    Sure, that is why I left my paid job to become a businessman.

    However, being a business person brings some very unique challenges that employees do not face.

    Yes, being a business owner comes with some challenges or disadvantages.

    The disadvantages include:

  • Risk of failure
  • Risk of loss of your personal and family income
  • Risk of bankruptcy and
  • The risk of facing the emotional turmoil associated with failing

    As an individual, you have a choice: You can choose to be an employee all your life and then retire to die after you've been thoroughly used by the company you worked for or you can choose to be in control of your life by becoming a business person.

    My advice?

    Start with paid employment so you can gain maturity and experience. Working for awhile also gives you the opportunity to generate the capital you need to establish your business.

    Next, start a network marketing business while still in paid employment. This helps you generate extra cash for your family while also helping you grow your earnings outside of your employment.

    When your business earnings get to such a level as to support your family, it's up to you to retire and pursue your dream full-time.

    What if you don't have paid employment after years of searching?

    Well, it's time to take your destiny into your own hands and become a network marketer.

    You have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Ready to start a network marketing business that will give you the freedom to live your dream?

    Click HERE For Details.

    P.S: Not everyone will agree to take charge of their lives and become independent business people. Well, it's their loss NOT mine. However, if you're someone who really want to be in-charge of his life, someone who wants to lead NOT to follow, then you should take action RIGHT NOW.

    Click HERE and Join the top mlm opportunity in Nigeria.

    Believe me, you will change your life for good.

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    Nov 18, 2013
    Is It For Everybody ?
    by: Richard H.

    One question you should be asking yourself is this: is network marketing really for everybody as our uplines always tell as ? The answer to this questions may surprise you...Here it comes; network marketing is not for everybody. It is only for people who are ready and understand the power in it.
    I will advise that you focus on your "target market" (people who are ready to to do business). The more you waste time pitching and following those who do not care a dime about your business, the more the business becomes difficult for you.
    You should understand that human beings are all not the same. Someone, no matter what you do, will like to be a driver or trader for the rest of his/her life. That's what the person LOVES to do. So the same way look for those who LOVE to do what you do. How will you feel if you never talk to anyone to join your business...yet people are always chasing you just because they want to join your business. Those are the people am talking about... and that is how i get my prospect. There is definitely something in network marketing that we are not told. We do this business the wrong way and we are encourage to do it even more.
    Let me ask you this question... If you are doing something and the method you are using is failing over and over again, what will you do ?....Yes, definitely you will stop using that method and you will change to a better method. So, my colleague network marketer ...go for your target market and don't stress yourself out.

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