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Why Did You Fail With Network Marketing?

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

Thousands of people have failed with network marketing. So, when you speak to them about a new network marketing business opportunity, most will tell you they are no longer interested in mlm business.

Some may say, "I tried it before and I didn't make any money. So, the business is NOT for me".

Some others may say, "I failed the first time because, to be honest, I didn't really know what I was doing".

Still others may say, "I have tried network marketing before and I didn't make any money. I'm willing to try again if I can get someone to coach me".

Now think about the three statements above made by different category of people who failed with network marketing. Which statement do you think is the most popular?

Of course, the first statement is the most popular.

Most people who fail with network marketing business . . . people who do not make any money from mlm business . . . blame everyone else for their failure.

These unsuccessful network marketers may blame . . .

  • The network marketing company they market for
  • Their upline for not giving them enough support or
  • Their downlines for not recruiting others into the team as expected

    Guess what.

    The majority of network marketing distributors who fail with mlm business never blame themselves for their failure.

    They blame everyone else but themselves!

    How convenient!

    MLM Failure - What Did You Not Do Right?

    It is true that you need to ask the right questions before joining a network marketing company so you can choose a company with a company plan that makes it easier for you to make money long-term and build a truly residue income mlm distributor business.

    Yes, we emphasize that you ask the right questions before joining any mlm company! This is key to your success because the easier it is to make money with the compensation plan, the higher your chance at success.

    However, you need to understand that thousands of people still fail even with the best compensation plan.

    It is also true that you stand a better chance at success if you have a great sponsor. But your success really is not tied to the success of your enroller or sponsor because you're free to look up the chain to find great leaders in the business to mentor you even if your sponsor is not such a great mentor.

    Therefore blaming your sponsor for your failure is not acceptable.

    Third, it is true that duplication by your downlines is key to earning fat cheques. But if your downlines are not growing or duplicating your result, could it be because you have not provided the right leadership, encouragement and training?

    Bottom line.

    If you really want to succeed with network marketing, you need to stop blaming others.

    Success starts by accepting that you could have done better (or got better result) if you did things differently.

    Once you can get off your high horse and start looking at what you could have done better, you begin your journey to success.

    You see, success leaves clues. Success has a formula.

    Start by accepting that you did not do enough . . . that the error is yours.

    Next, look for successful people . . . leaders in the network marketing company that you are a part of . . . and connect with them. Find out what they are doing to deal with rejection and enroll passionate people into their team. Then do what it takes to duplicate their success.

    Want MLM Success? Never Give UP!

    If I were to give you just one advice, I will say "Never Give Up!"

    MLM success is within your grasp. You can succeed with network marketing.

    You can deploy network marketing as your vehicle to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom.

    Start by asking the right questions before joining an network marketing company (or use the right questions to evaluate the company you're already a part of to decide if it passes the test of what can be called the best mlm company).

    Second, attend business opportunity meetings weekly and invite new people to the meeting every week.

    Third, talk to more people. The more people you talk to, the more products you will sell and the more people you will enroll and the more money you will make.

    Fourth, never worry about what your friends will say about your new-found passion for promoting your mlm products. Those same friends will come and beg you for money when you reach the top.

    Finally . . . never give up.

    The road to success is tough to walk on. But the reward is worth the fight.

    Therefore . . . NEVER GIVE UP.

    Give the business everything you've got. Ask for help and keep asking.

    Step out of your comfort zone and talk to more people and more people and more people. Get your leaders to help you present to bigger audiences. And keep at it without let up.

    Eventually, the door to network marketing wealth will open to you. Yes, the heavens favour people who do not give up.

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