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What Is Network Marketing? What Is MLM? What Is Multi Level Marketing?

Profit Oriented Answers To Multi Level Marketing Questions.

What is network marketing? What is mlm? What is multi level marketing?

The above are three questions asked by different folks interested in the network marketing industry in Nigeria. Even though the actual words used to ask the question are different, the askers are actually searching for the same solution . . . a network marketing definition that embodies what mlm is all about.

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So, what is network marketing? What is mlm?

How would you define network marketing?

Network marketing by definition is the business model where manufacturers and service businesses promote their products and services through the use of direct sales people instead of the conventional distribution network.

These sales people (or distributors) for mlm companies use their network of friends, family, acquaintances (plus their connections) to promote the products and services of network marketing companies in return for a share of the profit.

So, what is mlm?

MLM is the acronym for Multi Level Marketing.

So, what is multi level marketing?

Multi Level Marketing refers to the marketing strategy that pays distributors or affiliates in multiple levels. And it's a term that is coined from the network marketing business model discussed above.

The above may seem a bit confusing if you're new to the network marketing industry (no wonder the question, what is network marketing).

Even if you're already a network marketer, it pays you to sit back and understand the profit approach to network marketing taught by this Nigeria network marketing dictionary if you intend to succeed big time with your mlm business.

Conventional Marketing Strategy Versus Multi Level Marketing

The question was, what is network marketing? And the answer to the question was given above.

However, let's compare the conventional marketing strategy with the multi level marketing strategy to help you understand the depth and breadth of network marketing . . . and why the mlm business model is a win-win model for the distributor and the mlm companies.

In the conventional product marketing model . . .

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  • manufacturers sell to distributors
  • distributors sell to wholesalers
  • wholesalers sell to retailers and
  • retailers sell to consumers

In the multi level marketing business model . . .

  • manufacturers sell to distributors and
  • distributors sell to consumers

From the above, it is obvious that the network marketing business model eliminates the need for wholesalers and retailers.

In simple words . . . multi level marketing (MLM) operates a flat marketing structure.

This means in practice that . . .

1. Distributors deal directly with consumers

2. Distributors have potential to earn more since the structure is flat (wholesalers and retailers' margins are passed on to distributors)

3. Distributors don't keep large stock (or inventory) of products they promote

4. Distributors get paid in multiple levels . . . when they sell the products and when they convert new members of the public into distributors (that is, building a team of other distributors) and

5. Distributors are promoted from rank to rank as their level of achievement grow. The higher the rank of a distributor, the more he/she earns

In other words, the network marketing business is a performance based direct marketing business.

In fact, the rank advancement philosophy of network marketing companies is what earned the network marketing business model the nickname, multi level marketing (or mlm).

Bottom line.

Network marketing is a low cost way of starting a business of your own by becoming a distributor for a multinational company with established brands.

If you do this right, you could earn a nice living through the multi level marketing payment system for a long long time.

Here are the questions again.

What is network marketing? What is mlm? What is multi level marketing?

You know the answers!

Preparing For Success With MLM

Now that you understand what is network marketing, the next logical step is to join an mlm company in Nigeria (or anywhere else in the world you so desire).

Before you do, remember that a wise man once said, "if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail".

So, if you're thinking of joining the mlm industry as a distributor and wish to succeed, you will need to do what all successful business people do. You will need to plan for success.

The first step will be to understand the network marketing strategy that works. The direct marketing information guide on this mlm website is a good place to start.

Second, you will need to develop an mlm marketing plan that reflects who you are and how you will deploy the best strategies to work for you.

Third, look for a free mlm business opportunity that is free to join and that has low priced and established products that your target market loves. Promoting over-priced products in this tough Nigeria economy just won't cut it.

Fourth, attend a free network marketing training to 'dip your toe' and understand the full depth of any mlm business opportunity before taking the leap to join.

Fifth, beware of multi level marketing scams so you don't lose your hard-earned money.

Use the links above to access more information and become an mlm super earner.


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