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Turnkey Home Business Nigeria - In chapter one, I discussed the first type of home based business opportunity that focuses on building a web site and then monetizing (or generating income) from the web site.

This section explores the second type of home business opportunity . . . the turnkey home business opportunity.

What does that mean? What is turnkey home based business opportunity?

A turnkey home based business opportunity is a complete home based business solution that comes with everything already created for you to just plug in your name and start earning.

Remember . . .

With a turnkey home business opportunity you can start earning immediately within the first few days of joining the turnkey home based business opportunity.

On the other hand, with the first type of home based business opportunity discussed in chapter one, you spend several months building a web site and then start promoting the web site to grow your traffic or number of web site visitors. You don't earn anything significant from your home business for at least the first 6-12 months of the business.

So, which do you?

Sure, there each method has its advantages and disadvantages. But most likely, you prefer to start earning right away.

If that is the case, the turnkey home business opportunity is for you.

Home Business Opportunities - The Turnkey Approach

When you signup for a turnkey home based business opportunity, you get a free business web site from the company.

The free business web site you get often contains pre-written information about . . .

  • the company
  • the products
  • how to earn money
  • how to promote the business opportunity to get results
  • how to maximize your business profits

    . . . and all the tricks and techniques of the trade.

    So, what are you required to do?

    All you're required to do is to promote the web site you're given and thereby generate sales through the web site.

    Yes, the free web site usually contains all the ecommerce functionality to take site visitors through the preselling cycle and close the sale. And yes, you track your sales volume and performance through the back office of your web site.

    Remember . . . there are two sides to a home business.

    1. Your business web site that sells the product and

    2. Your target market (or web site visitors) who will buy what you sell

    A turnkey home business opportunity provides you free business web site. So, that takes care of item 1 above.

    How do you take care of item 2?

    You promote your free business web site on already popular web sites like . . .

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Popular forums
  • Popular blogs
  • Popular article sites

    . . . and through PPC (pay per click) advertising and otherwise.

    Guess what.

    If you promote your turnkey home based business opportunity in the right places, people will begin to visit your business web site and you will convert some of them to paying customers.

    The more people you're able to direct to your free business web site, the more money you make. And you do this while at home and using your computer.

    Want a turnkey business you can begin to profit from right away?

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    NOTE: You need =N=142,000 to start this business.

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