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The Secret To Getting Rich With Network Marketing - Seven Simple Strategies That Can Dramatically Change Your Earnings

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

You can become rich . . . in fact, very wealthy . . . by becoming an ACTIVE affiliate, brand partner or distributor for a multinational network marketing company.

Unfortunately, most people do not succeed with mlm business . . . most people do not earn the kind of money they desire to earn from the network marketing company they represent.

So, why do so many fail with their mlm business even though they started out all-excited and determined to succeed?

Simple answer . . . you need more than determination to succeed with network marketing business and, indeed, any kind of business.

To make a lot of money from any business, you need to do the right things and follow the right approach. And when you do, you will make THE RIGHT KIND OF MONEY . . . the kind of money you desire.

Let’s consider seven simple mlm success strategies that can dramatically increase your earnings from your mlm business.

Seven Steps To MLM Success

MLM Success Strategy #1: Partner With The Right MLM Company. The very first decision you need to make when starting a network marketing distributor business is choosing the company to work with to make your financial dreams come true. That choice will affect how much you earn for whatever level of effort you put in. So, make the right decision!

What company qualifies as the best mlm company to join?

At the very minimum, the company MUST . . .

1) Pay its distributors, affiliates or brand partners using a binary compensation plan with at least to levels of matching bonuses (1st tier and 2nd tier matching bonuses) and

2) Pay its distributors, affiliates or brand partners based on TOTAL SALES GENERATED BY EVERYONE BELOW THEM IN THEIR SALES ORGANIZATION. (This means the company is paying you to infinity NOT to 10 levels deep or 15 levels deep like some mlm companies do)

Do not join any mlm company that has the two factors above missing from their compensation plan.


Simple. The two factors above will position you to make a lot of money for LESS WORK.

Click HERE for the complete discussion on key questions to ask before joining a network marketing company.

NOTE: The link above opens a page on this website that discusses the 13 key questions to ask before joining a network marketing company. And the link opens a new window. If the page doesn’t open, check your pop-up blocker and UNBLOCK the page to read the article.

MLM Success Strategy #2: Read, Develop Yourself. You cannot give to others what you don’t have. Therefore, once you have registered with an mlm company, the very next thing to do is to read more about the company’s products, compensation plan and available marketing materials in the back office of the distributor website given to you by your company. The better you understand the products, compensation plan and marketing strategies that have worked for distributors before you, the better your chance at success.

MLM Success Strategy #3: Talk to family and Friends. Network marketing is about sharing the products and opportunity offered by the company you represent with people in your network or sphere of influence. And the first group of people within your network or sphere of influence you can speak to are friends and family. Therefore, as soon as you join a network marketing business, your first goal should be to share the message with as many friends and family as possible. If you don’t, someone else will. And you would miss the chance to profit financially from the existing relationship with friends and family. So, don’t be shy. Draw up a list of your friends and family and have a conversation with them about your business right away.

MLM Success Strategy #4: Look Beyond Your Family And Friends. Everyone has a finite number of friends and family. This means that you need to look beyond your friends and family to grow your network into a massive sales organization that makes you a lot of money. So, develop a marketing plan and reach out to people outside your friends and family. For example, you can take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter and other popular article sites and forums to grow your network marketing business.

MLM Success Strategy #5: Create Massive Momentum Within The First 90 days. Massively promote your business within the first 90 – 180 days to create momentum that will make you a lot of money down the road. Why is that important? It is because most new distributors quit the mlm company they join within the first 60 – 180 days. That is, within 2 – 6 months of joining. So, there is a probability that you could quit the mlm company you choose to partner with within 2 – 6 months of joining if you’re not seeing the kind of results you expect. Since that is the case, make the first 60 – 180 days count! Otherwise, you could quit before you have a chance to make a lot of money!

MLM Success Strategy #6: Have Marketing Materials With You Always. You never know where you will meet someone who is a super star and who could massively increase your earnings when they join your business. So, always carry marketing materials with you wherever you go.

MLM Success Strategy #7: See Yourself As A Success Coach Who Wants To Help People Get What They Want. The more people you can help get what they want, the more money you will make.

Click HERE to understand what people want the most and how you can help them get it.

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