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The author of this web site, Samson Itoje, seeks to provide information he genuinely believes will benefit network marketers and business opportunity seekers who visit this Nigeria mlm opportunity web site.

You understand that this web site offers no warranties or guarantees and that the information provided on this Nigeria mlm web site is provided "as is".

It is the responsibility of readers to apply the strategies discussed in a way that will grow their mlm business.

Since people listen, read, and act differently on what they read, the author cannot guarantee that the strategies discussed on this web site will make you a successful network marketer.

By using this web site you demonstrate that you understand that the results you get depends entirely on you NOT the author of this site.

You therefore agree that any decisions you make based on the information on this site is entirely your responsibility.

The author of this site offers no warranties or guarantees of any sort.

Web Site Advertising

This Nigeria mlm web site offers classified and full page ads to advertisers.

As an advertiser, you understand that the author of this site has no control over the number of daily visitors who visit this web site. Therefore you understand that the author cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain number of visitors to your ad listing on this site per day, month, or year.

Please note that payments for site advertising are not refundable.

As a reader or web site visitor, you understand that the author of this Nigeria mlm web site does not verify claims made by advertisers in their ads.

You also understand that products or services offered by advertisers are guided by advertisers terms of service provided on their own web site and as per any service agreement you may reach with advertisers.

Consequently, you agree not to hold the authors of this web site accountable or liable for actions or inactions of advertisers.

Web Hosting And Web Design

This Nigeria network marketing web site offers web hosting and web design services to clients.

We use a web hosting platform outside the shores of Nigeria.

You understand that the services we offer to you will be according to the quote sent to you based on your order request prior to when the service commenced. And any additional service or changes requested will attract additional fees.

You understand and agree that payments for web hosting and web design services are non-refundable.

All payments should be made to the company's account as shown in the payments page.

By using the services of this web site you agree to these terms of service and to any modifications thereof in the future.

By using this web site you also agree to the terms of our privacy policy.

Income Claims

This web site occasionally mentions income supposedly earned by certain individuals participating in certain mlm programs.

Those statements or income claims are mentioned to illustrate what income levels possible with certain mlm (or affiliate programs).

There is no guarantee that you will achieve those same income levels or that you will make any money when you participate in mlm programs and/or affiliate programs recommended on this site.

What you earn from any program depends entirely on you . . . how you understand the program, the program materials and how you promote it.

Non-mlm businesses fail. So do network marketing businesses.

In fact, the factors that affect your success or failure with any program are so numerous that it's impossible to list them all here.

You understand that your success or failure with any programs recommended on this site depends entirely on you. And you agree not to hold the author of this site, his heirs, assigns, Erimama Investment Company Ltd, or any of its agents liable for any losses (real or imagined) incurred as a result of participating in programs recommended on this site.

Document Changes

We reserve the right to update this document as appropriate. And you agree that posting the updated version on this site is sufficient notice.

You therefore agree to periodically visit this page for any possible changes that may occur or affect your use of this site.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute, you agree that such dispute will be resolved in a court in Lagos State Nigeria, if all efforts to settle out of court fails.

Your continued use of our services demonstrate that you agree with the terms of use as stated in this document and on our privacy policy page.

If you do not agree, please exit this site.

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