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Successful home business opportunity guide Nigeria - There are successful home based business opportunities and there home business opportunities that gulp your money and leaves you high and dry.

The question is, "what do you really want?"

Of course, you want to be part of a successful home business opportunity.

But how do you know a successful home based business opportunity when you see one?

Every home business opportunity that is likely to be a successful one has some ingredients that are present that guarantee that a high percentage of those who participate in it will be successful.

What are those ingredients for a successful home business opportunity?

They include:

1. Simplicity and ease of use

2. Clear instructions

3, Post registration training

4. Support group

5. Repeatability - Potential to duplicate success

6. Low startup cost

7. Low maintenance cost

8. Short payback period and

9. Leverage effect

Successful Home Based Business Opportunity - Two Broad Categories

Items 1-5 above highlights the importance of a system that is proven to deliver success.

When a system works, there is evidence that it does. And you can examine the evidence for yourself and convince yourself that indeed the system works.

A successful home based business opportunity is simple to use and they provide post registration training and support that empowers members or subscribers to succeed.

At this point, let me highlight the two broad types of home business opportunities.

The first type of home based business opportunity require YOU to learn how to build an information rich web site (like this one), promote the web site, and attract targeted leads or prospects the web site. Thereafter, you make money by selling your products or services to your web site audience or web site visitors.

Alternatively, you can recommend affiliate products to you audience and get paid when they purchase from the merchants you recommend.

There is no doubt about it . . . this type of home business opportunity is a successful home business opportunity.

In fact, I have used this system myself to build a number of successful web sites that attract thousands of visitors everyday. And I make money from those content rich business web sites.

However, this type of successful home based business opportunity has a long payback time. With this system you can work for up to 8 months to 1 year (or more) without making significant income.


Well, with this system you're actually writing a book . . . an online book. And writers don't get paid until their work is finished and ready to be sold. And even when the book is ready, they still have to promote it for some time before they begin to get good sales amount.

The same goes with successful home business opportunity that focuses on building high value content for a topical web site.

The site owner starts with keyword research, then site blue-print development, then web site content writing, then site promotion, and thereafter monetization.

Yes, you got it!

This is the same process I used to build this topical content rich mlm network marketing web site. And I can tell you that this process (called C-T-P-M) works. But it's a long process.

Wait. Why do people go through this long process to build a successful home business? Why do people bother to use this proven successful home business opportunity?

Simple answer . . . it's a proven process that works for building a long-term home business.

Why does it work?

It's because when you use this process, you write an online magazine that attracts people searching for that kind of information . . . the high value information you supply on your web site.

These loyal readers become raving fans and they spread the word about your web site. Soon, your web site begins to receive hundreds of visitors per day. Then thousands of visitors per day.

For example, my real estate web site built with this method gets about 1,400 unique visitors per day.

In fact, some web sites get as much as 18,000 visitors per day.

WoW! That is a huge crowd of potential customers!

Bottom line.

The advantage of this method is that you build a loyal following. You build your own customer base you can sell to any time.

More importantly, you control your traffic. And when you control your traffic or customer base, you control your business. And therefore, you build a long-term ever-growing business.

In you are interested in this approach, just contact me and I will subscribe you to the very same software I use plus even coach you on how to make it work for you.

Click HERE to see the second type of home based business . . . the turnkey home business opportunity.

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