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How To Use Online Social Networks To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Social network marketing guide Nigeria - This social mlm marketing guide is focused on helping network marketers use social networks or social media networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin . . . and more . . . to grow their network marketing business.

If you're not already tuned to social network marketing, this is the right time to start.

social network marketing nigeria

How do you start a social mlm marketing business?

Better still, how do you use social networks like facebook, twitter, and linkedin to grow your mlm business?

How do you use social network marketing to your advantage?

It starts with having an account with facebook, twitter, and linkedin.

So, if you're not already on Facebook . . . at least Facebook . . . you're missing a great opportunity to grow your mlm business for free.

For example, as at the time of this writing, Facebook is the highest source of free mlm leads to this very Nigeria mlm network marketing web site. Facebook is second only to Google when it comes to the highest contributors of free prospects to my online network marketing business.



Believe it or not, social mlm marketing is the network marketing strategy of the future.

In fact, social network marketing is already one of the highly effective mlm marketing strategy of today.


Why is social network marketing stealing the show?

The Power of Social Networks - Why You Should Pay Attention To Social MLM Marketing Right Now

Network marketing is founded on the simple concept of marketing to your sphere of influence.

The concept is pretty simple.

Network marketing companies make the products and sell to small time distributors. These distributors sell to friends, neighbours, office colleagues, family members, and other acquaintances at a profit. The fact that the distributors are grass root people who sell to other grass root people naturally increases the market penetration of the products are minimum cost to the mlm companies.

To make the business opportunity more attractive to small time distributors, mlm companies pay distributors for recruiting new distributors to join the mlm company.

The fat incentives associated with this program of recruiting other distributors (called downlines) far outweigh the profits made from selling the products.

Consequently, distributors focus more on selling the opportunity, and thereby recruiting distributors, rather than actually selling the products.

Who gains?

The network marketing companies and, of course, the network marketer who gets eve greater rewards.

Now you get the basic concept of network marketing.

How does social network marketing increase your profits?

Simple answer. With social mlm marketing, you have . . .

  • A bigger network of people to sell to (e.g. ex-classmates, ex-colleagues, ex-neighbours, extended family members . . . people you may never have met again in your entire life)
  • You can reach everyone in your network at once. You post a message and all your friends get to see it immediately. No need to commute from one friend's house to another to pass on a message and
  • You can narrow down to a few pre-qualified people in your network and send them a personalize message via the personal messaging system. No need to visit them at home.

    Get the point?

    social networks (or social media networks) naturally expands your sphere of influence using the power of technology. And that expanded sphere of influence can result in bigger cheques for you if you market to them right.

    Social Multi Level Marketing - Loopholes To Avoid

    One mistake common with mlm marketers who use social network marketing is this . . . almost every post they make is centred around their mlm business.

    This approach is highly ineffective and could result in a good number of your social media friends . . . for example your friends in Facebook . . . de-friending you.

    Network marketers (or mlm marketers) are often super-excited about the business opportunity they promote that they want to talk about it at every opportunity.

    But stop and think about this.

    How would you feel if one of your social network friend in, say, Facebook is always talking about her office and how good her boss is?

    Eventually you will get bored, right? Perhaps you may even de-friend her in Facebook, right?

    That same boredom could happen with your friends in facebook or twitter. And it's bad for your business if friends in Facebook start de-friending you because you not only lose the opportunity to market to them in the future, you also lose the opportunity to market to their friends and their friends' friends.

    That's too risky!

    Bottom line.

    Don't make every post centre around your business.

    For goodness sake, this is a social network or social forum where you socialize and cool off!

    So, cool off!

    Don't make it all business or you may lose more than you gain.

    Click HERE for specific tips for marketing your mlm business in facebook.

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