The Rules of Attraction Marketing Nigeria – 8 Attraction Marketing Principles That Guarantee MLM Success

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The rules of attraction marketing is the same whether you live in Nigeria or any other country of the world.

The simple reason is this . . . online prospects are the same irrespective of where they live and irrespective of whether they are mlm prospects or prospects for any other kind of business.

Consequently, the rules of attraction marketing discussed below can be applied to network marketing business and any other kind of business.

Here's one more thing to note.

the rules of attraction marketing nigeria

The principles of attraction marketing can be applied successfully online and offline.

However, this discussion covers how the principles of attraction marketing can be applied online to build your network marketing business, grow your mlm income beyond your dreams, and make you an mlm superstar and super earner.

The 8 Principles of Attraction Marketing

Here Are The 8 Simple Rules Of Attraction Marketing.

Rule #1: Know Your Subject

Rule #2: Love Your Subject

Rule #3: Have A Sincere Desire To Help

Rule #4: Research What Your Target Market Wants

Rule #5: Create An Online Magazine Centred Around Your Subject

Rule #6: Find The Hottest Spots That Have The Biggest Forum About Your Subject Matter

Rule #7: Jump In And Participate Big Time

Rule #8: Promote Your Online Magazine

Let's take a closer look at what these rules mean.

The first rule of attraction marketing mentioned above is super important . . . know your subject matter pretty well.

People who are attracted to you are attracted to you because they believe you know the subject. As far as they are concerned, you're an expert on the subject.

Your listeners are drawn to you because of your work online and they believe they can benefit from you.

Therefore, at the very least, know the subject matter pretty well.

This does not mean you should have a phD in network marketing or in any other subject matter you cover. All you need to do is know more than your audience and share unique perspective about the subject that compel your audience to think differently.

The second rule of attraction marketing is . . . love your subject.

When you love your subject you will talk excitedly about it and your passion for the subject will shine.

Rule #3: Have a sincere desire to help your audience.

When you have a sincere desire to help your audience understand the knitty gritty of the subject matter (e.g. real estate investing, network marketing business, debt management, house design, mlm prospecting etc), you spend a lot of time providing guidance and super helpful information to help them succeed.

Guess what.

When your material is super helpful, your audience will share it with their friends (on facebook and offline) and with their colleagues. And they will tweet about it in tweeter and talk about it in different internet forums. And this will attract even more people to your work and to you. This often translates to more sales and more team members.

Get the point?

Attraction marketing is a free way to attracted free mlm leads and grow your team dramatically. And as you're aware, the bigger your team, the bigger your mlm income.

Click HERE to get more details about the rules attraction marketing 4-8 listed above.

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