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Qualified mlm lead Nigeria - Qualified mlm sales lead is a term that refers to network marketing leads that the network marketer pre-qualifies before introducing the mlm business opportunity to them.

Adopting a qualified mlm lead generation strategy is key to mlm business success because the qualified mlm sales lead converts more to customers than unqualified network marketing sales lead.

Multi level marketing lead qualification (or pre-qualification) in the ordinary sense means that you filter potential leads with certain criteria before introducing your network marketing business opportunity to them.

The qualified mlm lead, the mlm leads that meet your criteria for selection, becomes the mlm sales lead you introduce your business to. And since these group of potential enrollee (or leads) have a higher lead-to-customer conversion ratio, you get the most money (or the most value) for your efforts.

This process is good in theory.

Unfortunately, since there are exceptions to the rule, some people you may rule out as being unqualified to receive your sales message (or sales pitch, if you like) may turn out to be good candidates for the multi level marketing business.

For example, one of my friends now makes between 200,000 to 300,000 Naira from a particular mlm network marketing business opportunity in Nigeria. But when he started, he had absolutely nothing.

In fact, he started the business with 10,000 Naira his mother sourced for him when he relocated from his village to Lagos Nigeria in search of a better life . . . his last dime, as it were.

Guess what.

He started getting result immediately with his network marketing business the very month he joined the business.

Now he is married and living a comfortable life with his entire business career devoted to multi level marketing and nothing else.

Now, think about it.

Would a regular network marketer who believes in the concept of pre-qualification not have disqualified this young man because of his financial status?

Most likely, that is what could have happened. And that failure of judgment could have cost this young man the life of financial freedom he now enjoys.

Bottom line.

Therefore, a strict criteria for selecting qualified mlm lead is not the route to mlm success.

So, what is the best way to qualify mlm sales lead so you increase your conversion and reduce wasted time and effort?

I recommend you use the expert or consultant approach to network marketing.

A Better Approach To Qualified MLM Sales Lead

The consultant approach to mlm network marketing lead generation has two sides to it.

  • The online approach and
  • The offline approach

    Let's start with the online consultant approach.

    The online consultant approach rides on the way people use the internet.

    People come to the internet to do one of three things:

    1. To search for information relating to a problem they have (e.g. in Google, Yahoo, bing etc) or

    2. To communicate via email, video etc or

    3. To socialize with friends and find new contacts (e.g in social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc)

    Let's focus on item 1 for now. Item 3 is covered in the social networking section.

    When people do a search online, they find website pages addressing their needs. They select pages that address their needs. If the material is spectacular or impressive, they pass the link to friends.

    Guess what.

    They do more than just pass the link to their friends. Often, they will contact the writer and ask for more information. If the information given matches the quality of the fantastic article they read and the products or services solves their problem, they do business with the article writer.

    Did you get the point?

    Let me summary it.

    Qualified mlm lead generation using the online consultant approach involves . . .

  • Having a good understanding of the subject matter
  • Writing quality articles providing solid unique information about the subject matter
  • Posting these articles in popular websites on the internet
  • Promoting those content pages (or information rich articles) using various online advertising techniques and
  • Providing good customer support services when readers and potential customers call after reading your material

    Bottom line.

    This mlm sales lead generation strategy results in the qualified mlm leads calling you instead of you calling or chasing them.

    Wait. Why do they call you?

    Simple reason . . . they believe you're the expert on the subject matter, a consultant. So, they call you and consult you.

    Next step?

    They join your mlm business opportunity or buy the mlm company products.

    Trust me . . . qualified mlm lead generation using the consultant approach discussed above brings the best mlm leads to your network marketing business.

    Want network marketing sales lead that convert like crazy?

    Want mlm sales lead that call you and practically beg you to take their money?

    Adopt the consultant approach to network marketing sales lead generation.

    Believe me . . . you will smile to your bank.

    P.S: How do you apply this strategy to your offline mlm sales lead generation? See the mlm multi level marketing lead guide.

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