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Prequalified mlm lead guide Nigeria - What is the best mlm qualified lead generation technique?

That is a question serious mlm marketers ask sooner or later.

The purpose of this prequalified mlm lead guide is to show you just how simple it is to attract raving network marketing fans who become loyal team members and active distributors who contribute heavily to your mlm income.

So, what is the secret to getting the best mlm qualified lead in droves?

It is called attraction marketing.

prequalified mlm lead nigeria

Attraction marketing is a technique that involves sharing loads of information on the internet about a subject you love and that you're passionate about. This information you share online then attracts people of like minds who are interested in the subject in question or looking for help with that subject.

People attracted to you are prequalified mlm leads because they found you while looking for network marketing information.

Wait. What category of people look for network marketing information?

They are people who are . . .

  • mlm marketers looking for a new mlm opportunity to join or
  • mlm opportunity seekers looking for the best mlm home base business opportunity

    Believe me, these can of leads are the best mlm qualified lead.

  • They recognize they have a need
  • They go online in search of information to help them meet their needs or solve their problem
  • They found information you shared online and they concluded they have found the truth after reading your article and
  • They contact you to learn more

    Naturally, the majority become your team members after contacting you.

    This is prequalified mlm lead generation at its best.

    In fact, this is the best mlm qualified lead ever!

    Attraction Marketing Techniques - The Principles

    In an earlier chapter, I spoke about the 8 principles or rules of attraction marketing. That chapter explained three of those principles. The last five of those 8 rules of attraction marketing are:

    Rule #4: Research What Your Target Market Wants

    Rule #5: Create An Online Magazine Centred Around Your Subject

    Rule #6: Find The Hottest Spots That Have The Biggest Forum About Your Subject Matter

    Rule #7: Jump In And Participate Big Time

    Rule #8: Promote Your Online Magazine

    Let's talk about rule #4.

    Rule #4: Research What Your Target Market Wants

    As an online marketer, you know your subject. What you don't know is how the millions of people who are part of your target market search online for information about what you offer.

    How do you get into the head of your target audience to know the exact information they seek?

    Simple. Use an online brainstorming software.

    best mlm qualified lead nigeria

    The brianstorming software pulls search data from the many internet search engines and shows you the search terms or keywords your potential customers use to search for information related to what you offer.

    Once you have this 'insider information', you then start creating information on these topics or keywords used by your potential customers.

    Consequently, when potential customers search online for this kind of information, they will find all of your work. And when they find your work, they find you and your network marketing business.

    Of course, they do the next natural thing . . . they join your mlm team.


    Simple. They are prequalified mlm leads . . . the best mlm qualified leads.

    Rule #5: Create An Online Magazine Centred Around Your Subject

    Where do you share this sought-after information?

    Do it on your very own web site.


    It's because when you have your very own business or hobby web site, you own your audience.

    This means you have control over everything that happens on your web site and you get to decide what to present to your audience and how to turn your was web site traffic into income.

    Bottom line.

    When you own a content-rich editorial web site that atrracts hundreds of poetential customers or prequalified mlm lead, you own your market. And when you own your market, you own a long-term business.

    For example, suppose you promote your business on facebook using a FREE facebook business page.

    Suppose too that you somehow build a loyal following on facebook.

    What happens if Facebook someday change their terms of service with respect to facebook business page?

    Yes, you could lose your facebook business page overnight. And when you lose your business page, you lose your customers and your business.

    Want to build a long-term following and a long-term business?

    Own your traffic.

    Have your own niche information rich web site that attract prequalified mlm leads and the best mlm qualified leads

    Use Free Resources Wisely

    The rules of attraction marketing #6 & 7 emphasizes the need to take advantage of free resources available on the net.

    Rule #6 says, "Find The Hottest Spots That Have The Biggest Forum About Your Subject Matter".

    You see, while it is important to own your own traffic and business by building a business or hobby web site around your passion, you must also understand that free resources exist that can help you grow your business.

    A good example of a powerful free resource are free forums and free social network marketing web sites.

    What's the advantage of using this free web sites to build traffic and get prequalified mlm lead?

    Of course, the first obvious advantage is that they are free.

    The second advantage is that they already have thousands of visitors every day. And a good number of these visitors are mlm prospects.

    How do you use the principles of attraction marketing to attract prequalified mlm lead to your mlm business from these popular web sites with thousands (even millions) of visitors per day?

    Simply do the same thing you do on your information rich web site.

    1. Find the appropriate section in popular forums that discuss money problems, home based business, or any other topic or sub-topic related to your niche

    2. Jump In And Participate Big Time (Rule #7). Share helpful tips and strategies freely and unselfishly.

    3. Occasionally refer people to your web site for more information

    When you share helpful tips and resources in Facebook, Twitter, and other popular forums online, you will become an authority . . . an expert, a sought-after consultant . . . and people will naturally join your network marketing business.

    This is the power of attraction marketing. And attraction marketing attracts prequalified mlm leads, the best mlm qualified lead that become active team members and big income generators for you.

    My advice?

    Use attraction marketing to grow your mlm income. It's simple and real.

    Best of all, it works all the time.

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