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This is where you post classifieds . . . your mlm ads or mlm classified ads.

Remember . . . you can advertise your mlm business in this Nigeria mlm network marketing web site whether you reside in Nigeria or not.

post classifieds nigeria

In fact, about 30 percent of the visitors to this Nigeria mlm web site are from the United States of America.

Can you believe that!

So, if you want to build a truly diversified mlm business with mlm leads from Nigeria, the U.S., the UK, Ghana, Senegal, Japan, India and over fifty other countries of the world, this is one of the best places on the worldwide web to advertise your network marketing business.

How do you do that?

You simply fill the mlm ads submission form below and click the post classifieds button (or "Click HERE To Post Ad") at the bottom of the form.

MLM Ads - The Options Available

You can post classified ads here.

But the mlm ad submission form below allows you to do more than that.


It's because we offer two types of advertising:

1. MLM Classified ads and

2. MLM full page ads

What's the difference?

mlm ads nigeria

Well, mlm classified ads are short mlm ads that gives a short message about your offer. And since the message is short, you have to craft a sexy offer that entices mlm prospects to click on your classifieds to learn more.

How short is a classified ad?

You have a maximum of 500 characters for every classified ads.

Here's one thing to remember about classified ads.

Since mlm classified ads are short network marketing ads, each page list at least ten (10) classified ads.

This means when you buy a classified ad on this premium Nigeria mlm web site, your ad will appear on a page that contains nine other ads.

In simple words . . . when you post a classified ad, there will be nine other offerings on the same page competing with your offer.

Don't want face-to-face on-page competition with other offers?


Buy full page mlm ads.

Network Marketing Ads - Full Page Ads

As the name suggest, a full age ad is a network marketing ad that has a dedicated mlm web page on this Nigeria mlm network marketing web site.

This means that only your offer will appear on that page. No other business opportunity offer will appear on that page.

There is a second benefit when your order full page ads.

There is no maximum word limit when you order full page ads.

Your offer page can contain 500 words, 1,000 words, 2000 words, or as many words you think you need to convince mlm prospects that your offer is the best they can possibly get anywhere in Nigeria or the world.

Bottom line.

You convert mlm leads to customers more when you buy a full page ad.

Ad Pricing - Low Cost MLM Advertising

So, what does it cost to post classifieds and full page network marketing ads on this premium Nigeria mlm network marketing web site?

We actually offer low cost mlm advertising because we want more and more people to succeed with their network marketing business.

Put simply . . .

MLM classified ads cost just $59.95 USD (or 9,600 Naira) per year.

Full page network marketing ads cost $97 USD (or 15,500 Naira) per year.

Fill the ad submission form below to get started.

P.S: Your ad must be original. It MUST NOT be something copied from another web site even if the web site is yours. Copied/duplicate content will not be accepted. Also note that full page ads must be at least 400 words long to be accepted.

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