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Online network marketing business guide Nigeria - If you have followed the discussion on this site so far, by now you will realize that there are several aspects to building a network marketing online business.

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Let me summarize the steps for starting and running an online network marketing business to bring you up to speed with the mlm business discussion on this site so far.

Follow the steps below to start an online mlm business.

1. Subscribe to an mlm downline software that has a track record of creating successful mlm home based businesses

2. Choose a subject you're passionate about, a subject you love

3. Determine in advance how you will make money from this mlm web site (e.g. through the mlm business opportunity you promote, through classified ad sale on your site etc)

4. Build your online network marketing web site using the proven c-p-t-m approach to building profitable sites

5. Grow your site email list through incentives offered on your site and build ongoing relationship with these free mlm leads who visit your mlm web site

6. Recruit fresh mlm leads who are attracted to the high quality content of your web site

7. Train these newly registered team members to replicate your efforts

7. Grow your mlm business and claim your monthly or weekly cheques.

Network Marketing Online - Be The Consultant

You have probably noticed from the above that having an online network marketing business or a network marketing home based business centres around creating a network marketing web site that has lots of information relating to what your target audience (or target market) is searching for.

network marketing online nigeria

In fact, this is how the majority of fresh mlm leads who do business with you through your web site will find you.

Yes, over 80 percent of online mlm leads to your mlm business will find you and your business when they do a search for a related subject on the internet using one of the major search engines (e.g. Google).

But that can only happen if your mlm web site contains lots and lots of pages related to what the people in your target audience are searching for.

For example, prior to starting this mlm web site, I created a Lagos Nigeria real estate web site focused on helping people invest in Lagos Nigeria real estate either as home buyers or tenants.

The site is (it has a nice Nigeria mlm network marketing forum even though it's a real estate site. I love mlm!)

As at the time of this writing, this web site had about 600 articles written by me and about 1,100 user generated articles.

Guess what.

As at the time of this writing, this Lagos Nigeria real estate advisor web site was getting an average of 1,200 unique visitors per day. That is, about 36,000 unique visitors per month.

Think about.

What would happen to your mlm business profitability if your network marketing online business could deliver 500 daily unique visitors (or 500 fresh leads) per day to your mlm business?

What if you could get 1000 daily prospects per day? How would that impact your mlm income?

Sure, that size of fresh daily leads could significantly grow your mlm profit. In fact, you may achieve financial freedom faster than you expected.

But wait. What is it that drives that amount of visitors or prospect to my Lagos Nigeria real estate web site?

Content. High quality information that is provided to meet the needs of the target audience. And plenty of it.

Remember CPTM mentioned above?

The 'C' stands for 'content' . . . the heart of your content rich or information rich mlm web site.

Yes, content is king!

So, do you want your online network marketing business to continuously bring hundreds of online network marketing leads to your network marketing business even while you sleep?

Then you must write hundreds of pages containing high quality information for your network marketing web site.

The high quality mlm business information provided by your web site will serve as bait that will pull hundreds of network marketers and mlm business opportunity seekers to your web site.

As they read through the high quality content on your information rich web site, they will develop profound respect for you because they soon come to realize that you're the mlm consultant they've been searching for.

Guess what.

They will hurriedly sign up for the mlm business opportunity you promote . . . and in droves.

That is more money in your pocket!

Yes, online network marketing equals plenty of money in your bank account.

But how do you write these hundreds of mlm information pages?

Read the online mlm web site content creation section for answers.

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