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Online network marketing lead generation has some benefits over offline mlm lead generation.

The key benefit of online network marketing lead generation is the ability to automate the multi level marketing lead generation process.

This means that when you have an online mlm business, you can run your network marketing business on auto pilot.

For example, with an online mlm business, you can . . .

  • Send auto response to potential mlm leads (or prospects) when they request more information through your mlm web site feedback form
  • Monitor which pages are the most visited on your network marketing web site and use that information to create e-products that appeal to your web site audience
  • Track visitor interaction with your web site and determine which pages have the highest conversion rates
  • Send sequenced messages to the online network marketing lead or mlm prospects who use any of the forms on your web site. This builds relationship with prospects and increase conversion rate
  • Send mass email to distributors and/or prospects with the click of a button even if you have 70,000, 200,000, or more members in your network marketing email list
  • Offer online training for new distributors immediately they sign up even while you're asleep

    . . . and more, so much more.

    It is the ability to automate the entire process of preselling, selling, sign up, post sign-up training, up-sell and continued follow up that makes online network marketing lead generation the bomb.

    So, if your mlm network marketing business is still 100 percent offline . . . if you're not yet using the power of the internet to promote your mlm business, you're missing a big opportunity to substantially grow your mlm business profitability.

    My advice?

    Get a network marketing web site and learn the ropes of online network marketing lead generation.

    Your business will thank you for it.

    Online MLM Lead Generation Strategies

    Now you understand what you can do with an online network marketing business.

    The next question is, what are the different avenues for getting online mlm leads to your network marketing business?

    The first obvious way to get online network marketing lead to your multi level marketing business is through your very own business web site.

    When you have your own mlm business web site, you own the traffic or the customers. And traffic is the life blood of every business.

    Remember, you're not the mlm company. You're just a distributor.

    Guess what.

    The mlm company you promote can fold up anything. Yes, stuff happen that can make a network marketing company go down.

    If you don't own your traffic, your business will go down with the company if and when this happens.

    Other online mlm lead generation strategies include:

  • Guest post in popular blogs
  • Active participation in niche mlm forums
  • Having a business page in Facebook
  • Active participation and knowledge sharing with facebook friends
  • Active use of other social media platforms like twitter, linkedin etc
  • Advertising to popular email lists
  • Buying mlm leads as appropriate
  • Posting mlm classified ads in niche specific web sites
  • Article exchanges with related and topical web sites and
  • Timed press releases

    The list above is by no means exhaustive.

    However, even from the short "to do list" above, you can see that online network marketing lead generation takes time and effort. It doesn't happen by accident. You have to learn the skill.

    But that shouldn't scare you. It's easy to learn and the learning curve and the amount of technical stuff you have to deal with will be greatly reduced if you use an mlm downline software that is simple to use and that has a track record of producing success.

    Best of all, you can always contact me, the Nigeria mlm consultant, any time you run into difficulties.

    Yes, you will need to learn a new skill when you finally decide to take your network marketing business online.

    But believe me, the rewards that having fresh mlm leads daily to your business far outweigh the initial challenges involved with starting an online business.

    Be sure to read the online mlm lead challenge section of this site for some insight on how to deal with online network marketing lead when you finally start getting them through your network marketing web site and through other online mlm lead sources as outlined above.

    Success is calling you. Embrace it.

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