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Online mlm businesses have two key factors that drive their success.

1. A content rich network marketing business web site and

2. Aggressive promotion of the mlm web site as well as the mlm business in popular locations online

This online mlm business section covers the first part of having a successful mlm work from home business. That is, the process of creating mlm web site content or mlm web pages for your network marketing web site.

Let's start with the definition of a web site.

By definition, a web site is a destination on the internet that has one or more content pages.

This means that every online mlm business web site has at least one mlm web page.

The mlm web site content often consist of . . .

  • the written words
  • the images
  • the lines
  • the shapes
  • the forms
  • the videos

    . . . and every other character that makes up the page.

    For example, take a second look at this mlm web page. Scroll up and down to see what makes the page.

    You will notice that everything I listed above (except videos and forms) appear on this page.

    However, beside the things the human eye see when a person visits an online mlm web page with mlm web site content, there are certain behind-the-scene stuff you won't see but that search engine robots (or computers) can see.

    The next section covers some of these items.

    Internal Structure of MLM Web Page - Page Name, Title, Keywords And More!

    Every online mlm web page (or mlm web site page) and, indeed, every web page on the internet built by a seasoned webmaster, is structured to have the following elements.

    1. Page Name

    2. Page Title

    3. Page Keywords

    4. Page Description

    5. Headline

    6. Body

    7. Links and

    8. Footer

    The page name is the name by which a specific page is identified and referenced on the internet.

    For example, a web site may have over 1,000 web pages. How is it possible to tell one page from the other?

    You guessed correctly . . . by their names.

    The name of a page often appears in the browser field showing the url of the page.

    A url (Uniform Resource Locator) identifies each page on the internet by showing the name of the page and the name of the web site where the page is located.

    For instance, if you look at the url field of your browser right now, you will notice that the url of this page is . . . is the name of this online mlm web site while "online-mlm" is the name of this page and .html is attached to the page name to indicate that the page is an html page. That is, a page written with html (Hyper Text Markup language) . . . the language used to create web site content pages on the internet.

    The page title, page keywords, and page description are three page elements used by search engines to identify what a particular internet page is about.

    This information helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to categorize a particular page and fetch it when surfers do a search related to the topic the page is about.

    To illustrate, take a look at the image below which shows one of the sites listed by Google for a search term related to Nigeria mlm network marketing.

    mlm web site page search google nigeria

    What do you see when you look at the screen shot?

    You can see the title, the description, and the url of the page as it is listed in the search engine, Google.

    This site page is listed with 9 other site pages on the first page of Google search results page.

    Now the mlm lead who conducted this search in Google is resented with 10 possible mlm web sites to choose from.

    Which one will the online mlm prospect choose to visit?

    Of course, the network marketing web site that has the most attractive title and description as per the information the mlm prospect was searching for when she conducted the search.

    Get the point?

    So, if you wish to have a network marketing home based business that send hundreds of online mlm leads to your mlm business, then you must create pages that have catchy page titles and description to get the attention of network marketing prospects.

    Remember . . . if the online network marketing lead doesn't click through from the search engine to your online mlm web site, how will she benefit from the mlm web site content available on your site.

    More importantly, how will she join your team when she didn't even get to your web site where your mlm business offer is show cased?

    Needless to say, you need to write compelling page titles and descriptions as well as use less competitive keywords to win the search engine battle for internet mlm leads.

    Otherwise, other smart network marketers who know how to do this better than you do will steal the show.

    Enough for page title, keywords, and page description.

    Let's talk about the next must do . . . how to write compelling page headlines and mlm web site content that make online mlm leads, targeted mlm leads, quickly reach for their wallets and sign up for your mlm business opportunity.

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