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Online mlm lead guide Nigeria - If you have read the online network marketing lead generation section of this Nigeria mlm network marketing web site, then you already know the benefits of online mlm lead generation.

However, it's not all a bed of roses when you start an online mlm business.

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Yes, every business strategy has advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. And growing your business using online network marketing leads is no different.

Now that you understand this, the next obvious question is, what are the issues or challenges associated with online mlm lead generation?

What are the peculiar behaviours of online mlm leads?

The Peculiar Nature of Online Network Marketing Leads

Most online mlm prospects will find you and your mlm business through your mlm web site, if you have one, or through social media networks like Facebook.

If you market your mlm business through facebook, mlm prospects may either find your network marketing business (or come to know about your mlm business) through your Facebook business page or your personal facebook profile.

To stay focused, let's start with the really big one . . . online mlm lead who find your mlm business through your network marketing web site.

When online mlm prospects are searching for something related to an mlm business, they usually do a search in the big search engines like Google (, Yahoo (, or bing (

Whatever it is they search for, the search engine in question will provide them a list of over 1000 web sites dealing with the subject, yours included.

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In fact, depending on the subject matter, the search engines may sometimes deliver a list of over 100,000 web sites (sometimes over a million sites) covering the subject matter the prospect searched for.

Now suppose the online mlm lead who did the search chose to visit your mlm web site instead of the others available.

She clicks through from, say, Google to your web site. What happens if your presentation does not impress her?

She immediately closes your web site and goes back to the search engine to investigate other options available to her.

This ease of exit by the visitor from your web site in order to visit competitor site is one big problem with online multi level marketing leads.

Let me rephrase this.

When it comes to online mlm prospects, your sales copy have to be good to hold their attention otherwise they will exit your web site pretty fast because competitors are just a click away.

In simple words . . . online network marketing leads tend to have a lower conversion rate than offline mlm leads because . . .

1. the online audience has thousands of options at their disposal and

2. the online audience (or online mlm lead) who visit your mlm web site do not know you in person or have any relationship with you.

The big question is . . . how do you overcome this challenge?

Since competition is tough online and you really need to pull these online network marketing leads to your business, you have no choice but to do the following.

1. Make your pages simple and attractive to online mlm prospects

2. Communicate your message with simple-to-understand language

3. Address the needs of the visitor or prospect head-on

4. Use page headlines that grab the attention of site visitors

5. The first few paragraphs should hold the attention of potential customers by speaking straight to the needs of the prospect. Don't beat around the bush.

6. Each page should speak in specific terms to the customer. Don't over generalize. Remember that your web site visitor has a problem and is looking for a solution. Provide the solution in direct terms.

7. Give prospects an opportunity to contact you. For example, see my simple straight-to-the-point contact page.

8. Your sales copy should not sound salesy but project the feeling that you're a consultant who really wants to help.

9. Build relationship with web site visitors or each online mlm lead by offering them an opportunity to join your email list and get more useful information free

10. Offer a free e-product that addresses a key need of web site visitors. Free e-products tend to help build relationships.

11. Respond to email inquiries promptly

12. Provide contact phone numbers where you can be reached, ideally on every page of your mlm web site (see my phone numbers at the bottom of this page)

Yes, you too can hold on to your share of online network marketing leads by applying the simple guidelines above.

Remember . . . hundreds of online multi level marketing leads is critical to having a successful network marketing home based business.

Want an mlm work from home business that is profitable?

Implement the advice above.

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