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Get Free Leads From The Internet! Build A Massive MLM Business!

Starting an online mlm business in Nigeria is a smart choice.

Why is starting an online network marketing business such a bright idea?

The reason is pretty simple.

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When you own an online mlm business, you promote your network marketing business using the internet. And since you promote your multi level marketing business through the internet, your mlm business leads find you through the internet.

In simple words . . . an online network marketing business is a multi level marketing business that generate business leads (or bring potential customers) through the internet.

Bottom line.

When you own an online mlm business, potential customers or leads find you through the internet.

They find you and you find them. But the medium of contact is via the internet

Types of Online Network Marketing Business

When you run an online network marketing business, you generate online mlm leads through one of six ways:

1. Through your very own mlm web site . . . through your very own information rich (or content rich) network marketing web site that promotes your network marketing products or your mlm business opportunity

2. Through social network websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc) where you promote your mlm business opportunity (This is called social network marketing)

3. Through guest network marketing articles written by YOU for other mlm opportunity websites or blogs

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4. Through mlm classified ads on mlm oriented websites and/or other high traffic business opportunity websites

5. Through Pay Per Click (CPC) advertising in CPC ad networks like Google Adwords and

6. Through free online videos hosted on You Tube

From the list above, it is obvious that you do NOT have to own a network marketing website to lay claim to online network marketing business.

In fact, you do not have to own a website at all to promote your multi level marketing business on the internet **(See P.S. below).

You can promote your network marketing online through . . .

  • Other people's websites
  • Social network websites and
  • Paid ads using any of the popular online advertising service

When you run an online mlm business in Nigeria (or anywhere else in the world), your business is referred to as a network marketing home based business and the opportunity as mlm home business opportunity.

Online MLM Leads Versus Offline Leads

Offline mlm leads are significantly different from online mlm leads.

Offline mlm leads are people you speak to one-on-one about your mlm business opportunity. And these people may be your . . .

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Neighbours
  • Acquaintances

. . . and other people you meet in your daily endeavours. These people already have some sort of relationship with you. And you sell to them based on that existing relationship.

Guess what.

Many of these people either buy the mlm products you promote or join your business opportunity because they believe in you. Since they believe in you, and you believe in the products and the opportunity, they take your word for it and buy the products or join the business opportunity.

This is called relationship selling and it is one of the key elements for success with offline mlm businesses.

On the other hand, online mlm leads find your business when they . . .

  • surf the internet for mlm business opportunities
  • browse social networking websites or
  • read an mlm business related article you wrote

That is the beauty of online mlm business leads. You don't go looking for them. They find you and your network marketing business naturally . . . on the internet.

But since they don't know you one-on-one, they may think you're exaggerating or being economical with the truth. And therefore, your conversion rate may suffer as a result.

In simple words, offline mlm leads have higher conversion rate than online mlm leads.

Nevertheless, having an online network marketing business have benefits that far outweigh any setbacks.

In fact, with an online mlm business in Nigeria (or wherever else in the world you live), you build a stable multi level marketing business that keeps generating hundreds of fresh mlm leads to your network marketing business daily and monthly.

Consequently, even a low conversion rate from your online mlm business may still amount to tens of signups per day.

That is success guaranteed!

My advice?

Take your network marketing online. Start an online network marketing business today.

Trust me, you will thank me later when you see the amazing results of a properly optimized network marketing home based business.

**P.S: Even though you can run an online network marketing business dependent solely on leads from other sites and paid advertising, I recommend you do not send leads directly to the mlm company issued web site. Instead, use a downline builder to grow your mlm business faster.

P.P.S: Want to join an mlm business opportunity that gives you freedom to work from home and earn good income? Click HERE to signup free.

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