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Network Marketing Web Site Design And Content Writing Solution Nigeria. Low Cost Affordable MLM Web Sites Solution.

All In One Solution. Web Site Design Plus Web Site Content Creation.

Network marketing web site design service Nigeria - Welcome to the premium Nigeria network marketing web site design service.

We create mlm web sites that work . . . multi level marketing web sites that generate leads to any mlm business, whether based in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

To help you understand the kind of service we offer, let's give you a short background to mlm web sites and their design.

To get a business or personal web site you need:

  • A domain name
  • A web hosting account and
  • Web site content

A domain name is simply the name of your network marketing web site . . . your mlm business address on the internet.

For example, if you look at the address bar of your browser above, you will notice that the domain name of this web site is . . .

This is the unique web address of this network marketing web site. And each time you type this web address on your browser, it takes you right to this web site.

This means that a particular domain name can only be used by one web site. That is why it is a unique web address.

All mlm web sites must have their own doman names to be seen by others on the internet.

Small Business Web Hosting And MLM
Web Site Content

Once you have purchased a domain name, the next step is to get a small business web hosting company to host your web site content.

In offline business terms, buying a domain name is equivalent to registering your business name with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) while buying web hosting for your network marketing web site is equivalent to renting a business office or a shop.

Financial Freedom Book - Network Marketing Success Book

The web hosting account you buy is the computer space that will host your multi level marketing web site files.

All mlm web sites you see on the internet, including this one, have a web hosting account where the files for the mlm web sites are hosted (or stored).

Wait. What files make up a network marketing web site? What make up the content of an mlm business web site?

The content of a network marketing business web site include:

  • the words written on each page prospects visit
  • the pictures that apear on each page prospects visit
  • the feedback forms that appear on the appropriate pages of the web site
  • the videos that may be available on certain pages of the web site
  • the structure of the web site, also called the "look & feel" of the site (e.g. colour, lines, banners, organization of sit elements etc) and
  • the links on the site (internal & external links)

A web hosting company provides the internet computer space where your multi level marketing web site contents will be hosted while a webmaster creates the content of your web site.

You can view your web site after you buy a domain name and order a web hosting account but the web site will be a blank space because you are yet to create web site content for the web site.

Web site content doesn't happen by accident. It takes time and skill to create network marketing web site content that grabs the attention of visitors and turn them into prospects and then into paying customers.

Web site content that does this is called a good sales copy.

Here's one important thing to note.

Every page of good mlm web sites contribute to the success of the web site.

Each page counts!

So, if you're thinking of building your mlm network marketing lead generation web site yourself, be sure to get some training in the art of writing persuasive sales copy and web site content before you proceed. Otherwise, you may not get the income projections you expect.

MLM Web Site Software Package

At this point, you have two options for getting your very own mlm website.

OPTION 1: You can use a PHP based web site builder that allows you to create your very own database driven network marketing website which allows you to start your own mlm company or

OPTION 2: You can order a downline builder software with in-built website templates you can customize to create a powerful web site you can use to promote your preferred mlm company and build a steady income stream for yourself with a little bit of hard work.

Click the links above to study the two options available to you.

NOTE: The above links open a new browser window. Make sure your pop-up blocker is OFF so you can view the page that opens when you click the links.

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