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Network marketing tips Nigeria - This free mlm tips section focuses on how you can grow your network marketing business by using one of the biggest social media network available . . . Facebook.

Let's get down to business.

network marketing tips nigeria

Why is this network marketing tips page focusing on Facebook as a potential free mlm lead source?

The first paragraph above already stated one reason . . . it's because Facebook is one of the biggest social media network today.

As I write this, Facebook has over 750 million members. And about 50 percent of that number is said to be active members. That is, they log into their facebook account at least once every day.

By the time you read this, the numbers may have jumped as hundreds of new members sign up every day.

Get the point?

Any network marketing tips forum that does not teach you how to market using using social networks like Facebook is missing a critical piece of the mlm success jigsaw puzzle.

Want free mlm prospects for your network marketing business? What to grow your mlm profit with minimum advertising spend?

Then make Facebook, twitter, and linkedin (at least this top 3) a key part of your network marketing plan.

Social Network No, No.

The first part of this social network marketing discussion touched on one of the loopholes to avoid when using Facebook for promoting your mlm business.

In summary, that article emphasized that you should NOT make every post a discussion about your mlm business. If you do, people will soon get tired of you and de-friend you or remove you from their friends list.

Another thing you should not do is . . . Facebook spamming (aka social network spamming).

What is social network spamming?

In lay man's language, social network spamming involves posting the same link over and over again in your tens or hundreds of Facebook member walls or pages.

If you do that, you're risking having your account suspended.

Believe me, you don't want that to happen to you. It is fatal to the marketing side of your business and it's counter productive.

When using Facebook or other social networks for business, always remember the basic concept behind social networks.

Social media networks exist to fill people's desire to socialize, make friends, get the latest gist, have a good laugh and generally relax.

This is what your friends in Facebook expect from you.

They expect you to be friendly, courteous, helpful, supportive, caring and sharing.

Guess what.

You should if you want to be treated as a REAL friend. Otherwise, you will be seen as one of those 'blood sucking' salespeople that are constantly bothering them offline or bombarding them with spam emails.

What's next, if you give Facebook friends that impression?

Sure, they will de-friend you. They will de-list you from their friend list.

MLM Tips - How To Generate Free MLM Leads From Facebook

So, how do you use Facebook for business?

How do you generate free warm pre-sold and qualified mlm leads from Facebook without sounding like a reckless salesperson?

Network marketing tips #1: Establish yourself as a friend.


Share valuable stuff related to current events, money management, sports, jokes, and more. Stuff that adds value to the average guy but that are NOT related to your business. (You know, life is not all about business).

When you do that, you establish yourself as someone who shares valuable information.

What happens when you do occasionally post information related to your business?

They will consider it as valuable information and click to read.


Make sure you share only valuable info. And promote only credible mlm companies to keep your reputation intact.

Network marketing tips #2: Recruit downlines without actually recruiting downlines.

What does that mean?

It simply means you should not be blinded by the fact that you want to recruit downlines.

Some network marketers are so engrossed with recruiting downlines that they forget the simple rules of successful marketing.

The basic marketing process is . . .

  • Identify a need
  • Create products to meet the need
  • Establish a distribution channel and
  • Promote the products

    This is what is often referred to as the 4P's of marketing . . . Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

    How does this established 4P's of marketing related to network marketing on Facebook?

    The correlation is obvious. And this network marketing tips section explains it below.

    The network marketing company already takes care of the Product and Price. Your job is to promote and distribute the products.

    Did you notice that the last 2P's centres around the products?

    Oh, yes, they do.

    So, talk about the products and how yo have been benefited by using them. Share your stories about the benefits YOU derived from using the products (or how another friend used the product to solve a problem).

    Friends who are interested will ask you how to get them.

    What should you do?

    Help them get them.

    Thereafter, you can let them know they can save money by buying in bulk.

    "Really?" They ask.

    "Yes", you reply.

    Guess what.

    You have signed them up as distributors without really worrying about it.

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