Network Marketing Script Nigeria - Free Sample Network Marketing Script.

Network marketing script Nigeria - This network marketing script is a sample script targeted at mlm leads who are mlm opportunity seekers or are in need of a financial miracle.

network marketing script nigeria

The next chapter presents mlm script for mlm prospects that are likely to be pre-sold better by presenting them with the mlm products that address their needs.

Click HERE for sample multi level marketing script targeted at product-focused mlm prospects.

Now let's talk about mlm script that sells the mlm opportunity to pre-qualified mlm leads.

Pre-Qualifying MLM Leads

The first thing to do before having a conversation with mlm leads is to prequalify them.

This means that you need to understand who they are and what their desires or dreams are. And then target your network marketing script to address their needs. This usually results in a higher conversion ratio.

For example, the prospect may be . . .

  • Unemployed and in dire need of cash
  • Employed but earns meagre salary
  • Employed but is always complaining about her job or her boss
  • Employed but badly desires to become an entrepreneur or
  • Employed but always complaining about money

    All of the people mentioned above are in search of the same thing . . . they want a simpler and more fulfilling way to make money, and lots of it.

    This category of people are just the right people to talk to about the top mlm opportunity you promote.

    But how do you handle the conversation?

    Review the sample network marketing script below and adjust it to suite your circumstances.

    Sample MLM Script - Offline Conversations

    The scenario:

    You have a friend who is currently employed but is always complaining about his pay and the less than satisfactory work conditions at his office.

    You visit this friend. You exchange pleasantries. You compliment his wife for the great job she is doing with your friend. Your friend is looking great, thanks to her efforts.

    The conversation flows naturally as with friends. Then you ask, "so how is your job?"

    He replies: "Well, I'm pushing it. God is in control".

    You respond: "You must really love your job".

    He replies: "Well, I can't complain. At least I have a job. Some people don't and they don't have any idea where the next meal is from".

    You respond: "You have a point there, you know. We have to be grateful for what God has done for us. But suppose you had an opportunity to choose, what kind of job would you prefer? A job where you're in-charge and you're the boss or a job where you're the subordinate and constantly being pushed around?"

    He replies: "Of course, I want to be the boss! I want to be in-charge?"

    You respond: "You know what, I'm exactly like you too. I want a job I love and where I'm the boss. I want a job that gives me time freedom and that I can do part-time or full-time depending on my choice".

    He replies: "That is exactly what I want!"

    You add: "Four weeks ago, I found a business opportunity that gives me all the time freedom I want and an income earning potential that beats everything I ever seen and any job I've ever done".

    Next, go on to present the distributorship business opportunity and the income benefits.

    What are the key points from this mlm script?

    They include:

    1. Have a natural conversation with prospects

    2. Listen to what the prospect has to say and comment on it as proof that you're listening

    3. Use questions to draw the prospect out

    4. Ask anchor questions and present alternatives that pull the prospect in the direction you're taking her

    5. Let the answers come from her and listen to her responses. This let's you know what to say next to pull her toward buy-in

    6. Then present a solution (your mlm opportunity) that solves the nagging money and time freedom challenge she has

    7. Focus on the benefits your mlm business opportunity offers NOT the mlm company offering the opportunity and

    8. Provide proof that it is REAL

    As mentioned above, this is just a sample network marketing script. Modify the network marketing script to suit the specific needs or circumstances of the mlm prospect you're discussing with.

    However, remember to include all the elements of a high converting mlm script mentioned above.

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