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Net work marketing guide Nigeria - Multi Level marketing business is a direct marketing business model that involves small time distributors selling to people within their sphere of influence, people they know or have a relationship with.

This is also called net work marketing business because it essentially involves selling to people within your own network of friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, and acquaintances.

However, technology has changed the meaning of the words 'friends' and 'acquaintances'.

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For example, if you have a Facebook account, you can search for old acquaintances like ex-school mates in Facebook. When you find them, you send them a "friend request". When they accept your friend request, they enter into their cycle of friendship and they enter into yours.

What this means is that you . . .

  • See every message they post in facebook
  • Every picture they upload into facebook
  • Every message they "LIKE" or comment on in facebook and
  • People in their friends list

    In business terms, your net work marketing pool of potential customers has just received a boost.

    In summary, if you're a network marketer who uses facebook to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances, Facebook has just dramatically increased the number of people in your network.

    Yes, Facebook alone has the potential to significantly increase your mlm business profits because it significantly increases the number of people who can see your marketing message at one time.

    Let's take an example to drive home the impact of this on your net work marketing business.

    The Impact of Facebook On Your MLM Business

    Suppose you have 100 friends in Facebook and each of these 100 friends each have 100 friends.

    This means that you have opportunity to market to 10,000 people every time you log into your facebook account because each message you post in Facebook has the potential of being seen by up to 10,000 people at a time.

    WOW! That is a huge net work marketing potential market!

    Guess what.

    You can market to this vast audience with just one click of a button when you post messages in facebook.

    However, there are two things to remember when marketing through facebook.

    1. Your account settings can prevent you from getting the biggest returns for your business and

    2. Spamming on Facebook can get you banned

    Let's talk about account settings.

    When you post a message in Facebook, your friends see the message. So, if you have 100 friends, all 100 of them will see the message. But their friends will not see the message unless they click the 'LIKE' link at the bottom of your message.

    Guess what.

    Only about 3-10 percent of your friends will click the 'like' link at any given time. Many times, none will click the link at all.

    So, even though you have opportunity to market to say, 10,000 people, you really end up marketing to 100 people.


    Simple answer . . . your account settings.

    You see, most people are concerned about privacy, so they set their account such that only friends can see messages they post. In that process, they limit a simple and wonderful opportunity to promote their business.

    My advice?

    First, set your account to "friends and friends of friends".

    Second, post only messages in facebook that you want the world to see. The only way to get "true privacy" is to keep private stuff offline. Don't post private stuff in facebook and then expect facebook to keep it private for you.

    If you must share something truly private with someone in facebook, send the person a private message period.

    Spamming In Facebook

    Spamming in facebook, and any other online forum, will get you banned. And that won't do your net work marketing business any good.

    So, DO NOT SPAM!

    What is spamming in facebook terminology?

    I suggest you read facebook terms and policies for a clear explanation.

    Here is one thing that can be considered spam.

    If you send exactly the same message or link to up to 10 different people, the system is likely to flash you a spam message on your screen.

    Why would you do that?

    Why not just post the message on your facebook wall?

    Facebook is a social network that wants to encourage real conversations with real people. Posting the same private message to more than five people is likely not real conversation.

    MY advice?

    keep it REAL.

    Network Marketing Versus Net Work Marketing

    You likely would have noticed that in all of the discussions above, I used the term net work marketing. That is, I separated the work 'network' into 'net work'.

    What is the difference?

    Net work refers to "work on the net" or internet work.

    When you are into net work marketing, you use the net to recruit mlm prospects to join your mlm business. And Facebook, discussed above, if one of the sources of online mlm leads.

    What's the advantage of joining a multi level marketing business that allows you to use the internet to promote your business?

    Simple answer . . . A net work marketing business opportunity allows you to work from home. This reduces your business costs, increases your probability of success, and increases your profits.

    Bottom line.


    network market home based business opportunity enables you to achieve mlm success faster and earn twice as much in one-tenth of the time.

    My advice?

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