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Multiple Network Marketing Distributorship - Is It Worth It?

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

I have met many network marketers who are distributors for more than one network marketing company at the same time.

A good example is a man who was distributor for Vemma, Organogold, and Jeunesse network marketing companies simultaneously. His argument was that the three different companies were in three different industry. And therefore, in his opinion, they did not conflict with each other.

The same man was previously a distributor for the network marketing company called GBG about two years back.

This means that he has become a distributor for four different companies within a span of 2 years. The worst part now is that he is a distributor for three different mlm companies at the same time.

He said I should not worry that he has a strategy to manage all three network marketing companies together at the same time.

Guess what.

There are many people out there who are doing exactly the same thing . . . who are exactly like this man I have personally met. And who are convinced working more than one network marketing company is better.

In view of this . . . the question is, “Is it smart to be a distributor for more than one network marketing company at the same time? Is multiple network marketing distributorship worth it?”

The Problem With Working Multiple MLM Companies At The Same Time

I strongly recommend that you stick with only one network marketing company at any given time. And there are three key reasons why I recommend this.

The first reason is this: working more than one network marketing company at a time will split your time and resources in different directions. And, hence, none of the network marketing companies you represent will receive the maximum attention (and impact) that could result in maximum earnings for you from the system.

Second reason: It is confusing to prospects when you show them multiple products from multiple network marketing companies. And then you’re asking them to choose which network they prefer.

To start with, they would wonder if you know what you’re talking about or what you're doing. In one breathe you say company ABC is best and then shortly thereafter you say company XYZ is better in some respect.

Guess what happens when prospects are confused.

Yes, many walk away saying, “let me think about it”. And that statement may just be a polite way to say, “Sorry I’m not interested”.

Third reason: your business maintenance cost is higher when you work multiple network marketing opportunity at the same time.

Let’s take a quick example to drive the point home.

Suppose Mr. George is a distributor for three mlm companies. If the three mlm companies he promotes are ABC, XYZ and TUV and the monthly autoship amount for each is =N=10,000, =N=15,000 and =N=20,000 respectively, he will end up spending =N=45,000 monthly on autoship alone. This does not include the marketing cost, transport cost and other costs involved in running your mlm business.

Obviously, Mr. George’s maintenance cost for his businesses will be higher if he is working multiple network marketing companies. And the additional maintenance cost he is incurring may not translate to additional earnings for him.

In fact, the increased cost as a result of running multiple mlm businesses at the same time could result in the collapse of the business empire he is trying to build.

Here’s the fourth and most important reason why you should stick with one network marketing company at any given time.

The top earners in the network marketing industry promote only one network marketing company.

All top earners in the mlm industry are known as distributors for only one network marketing company.

What does that tell you?

Simple. If you want to become highly successful with network marketing business, follow in the footsteps of successful network marketers. Stick with one mlm company just like them!

Bottom line.

Pick the right network marketing company and stick with it!

Ask the right questions before choosing a company. And once you have made the right choice, stick with it.

Focus all your attention, marketing strategies and leadership skills to growing that mlm company.

You do not need to promote multiple network marketing companies to make good money.

I know of a man who makes about $400,000 USD per month (that is, about =N=70.4 million) per month from his mlm business and he is a distributor with just one mlm company.

So, stick with one company! The right mlm company!

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