Multi Level Marketing Script Nigeria. How To Write Winning Sales Copy For MLM Products. Step By Step Guide.

Multi level marketing script guide Nigeria - Welcome to the Nigeria multi level marketing script guide with step by step tips showing how to create winning sales copy for multi level marketing products.

Okay, I know what you're thinking.

multi level marketing script nigeria

You're wondering why the heck you should be writing sales copy to promote your mlm products when . . .

  • Your upline and the mlm company you promote have taught you to promote the mlm opportunity and
  • Since you make more money from promoting the opportunity than promoting the product.

    Here's why you should learn to create multi level marketing script or mlm sales copy for the products of the mlm company you promote.

    Reason #1: The mlm company you promote must have brands that deliver on the service promise, brands customers can buy and enjoy without necessarily joining the opportunity. If the company you promote don't have dependable brands, then you're in the wrong company. The company is either a pyramid scheme posing as an mlm company or it's an unreliable legal entity. Either way, your mlm business is at risk if you stick with this company.

    Reason #2: Customers who buy the products from you because they love the products are usually ordinary people who are not mlm marketers. Therefore a good percentage of them will convert to your downlines or team members when you offer them an opportunity to earn discounts on the products they already love by signing up at distributors. And those of these loyal customers of the mlm company's products who eventually sign up as distributors easily become active downlines because they are living examples that the products work.

    Now that you understand why promoting the products is the best offer in certain circumstances, let's move on to how to create magnetic multi level marketing script, sales copy, or sales letter that quickly turn web surfers into raving customers and downlines.

    Product Focused MLM Scripts

    The Lord Jesus said, "whatever it is that you want men to do to you, you must likewise do to them".

    This principle is often referred to as the golden rule.

    How does this apply to writing multi level marketing script for mlm products?

    Here is it. And it can be broken into a handful of rules.

    Rule #1: Have a conscience. Don't promote a product you have not used or you're scared to use. Use the products. Experience the products and the benefits. Then write about them with persuasion and conviction.

    Rule #2: Share the products with friends and family and get their feedback. Use your personal experience plus positive feedback from friends, neighbours, and other users to sharpen your multi level marketing script.

    Rule #3: Focus on the benefits of the products to the customer NOT on the profile of the mlm company that makes the product. Customers are more concerned about what the products will do for them than the personality of the manufacturer. (For example, Coke is bottled in Nigeria by Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC). Now think. Has there ever been a time when the sellers of Coke talked to you about NBC? Most retailers don't even know who makes the product. But they sell loads of it. Do the same.)

    Rule #4: Minimize the use of technical language and emphasis on product features. Who cares? Focus on what people care about. And what do people care about? People are asking, "What can this product do for me? Will it make me live healthier? Will it make me look younger? Will it make me more attractive? Will it make me live longer? Will it save me money? What can it do for me that a cheaper product can't do?" Write stunning multi level marketing script or sales copy that focuses on answering those disquieting questions potential customers have. And you will sell more and grow your downline naturally.

    Rule #5: Close the sale. Collect information about the customer and contact her to close the sale or direct her to where she can complete her order. Remember to provide clear instructions to help her complete the order. And try to help simply the process as much as possible.

    Some mlm companies complicate the order process. Hence, in some circumstances, it may make business sense to create your own personalized service that makes the order completion as easy as possible.

    Remember that if the order process is complicated, you're likely to lose a lot of customers at the order stage. You certainly don't want that. Not after all your promotional efforts!

    Want to recruit downlines and grow your team and your business profit with less stress?

    Include product sales in your marketing mix.

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