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How do you sell multi level marketing opportunity to a tough audience in Nigeria?

That is one of the biggest questions mlm marketers have to deal with when promoting their multi level marketing opportunity in a country like Nigeria with so many mlm companies and thousands of people who have tried and failed with mlm business.

So, how do you promote to this tough audience of people who are either afraid to join your business because of fear of failure or fear of it being scam?

You present your multi level marketing opportunity to this audience in one of two ways:

  • Tell them to share their experience in their previous company with you or
  • Ask them if they would be interested in a business opportunity that meets some defined criteria

    Let's deal with the first strategy.

    Selling Network Marketing To People Who Have Failed With MLM

    Let's be honest here.

    There are few people who would want to go back to a business they have failed with in the past. So, recognize that there will be some resistance or push-back when marketing your multi level marketing opportunity to this category of mlm prospects.

    However, you have a huge advantage in your favour.

    A good percentage of people who have failed with a previous mlm company are willing to try again.


    Simple reason . . . most network marketers who attended at least one business opportunity meeting know of at least one person in they mlm company they promoted in the past who succeeded big time with the company.

    This means they understand that there is good money to be made if they can find the mlm company that simplifies things for them.

    In fact, millions of network marketers actively seek out new multi level marketing opportunity when they see themselves failing with a particular company.

    Bottom line.

    There is a huge population of network marketers out there in Nigeria just waiting of the best home base business opportunity that empowers even the average guy to succeed.

    Now that you understand this opportunity, how do you market to this audience and win them to your team?

    The secret is to talk less and listen more. Ask the RIGHT questions and listen patiently as the prospect shares the agony of his loss with you.

    For example, you can start the conversation rolling as saying, "I heard you were with company XYZ. Are you still actively promoting the company and its products?"

    That question gives the prospect an opportunity to pour out her heart to you.

    Next ask the person, "do you know of any people in the company that make good money or still makes good money from the multi level marketing opportunity?"

    Listen some more and take notes.

    Next ask, "do you know why you couldn't make good money from the mlm company even though some others made some money?"

    Since you're listening and NOT faking it (please DON'T FAKE IT!), the prospect will spill the whole beans.

    Now that the prospect has outlined why she think she failed, she will probably conclude by saying, "if the company was like this or like that, or if they provided this and that, I would I have made a lot of money".

    If she didn't conclude with that, then ask her this question: "what do you think was missing that made it difficult to make money from the mlm opportunity?"

    After she has outlined all the reasons that made her fail, present to her your mlm opportunity that has all the tools that simplifies the process of . . .

  • education
  • signup
  • duplication and
  • limitless growth

    Believe me, a light bulb will go "NO" in her heard and she will be excited about joining your team.

    Next step?

    Sign her up immediately.

    The next chapter considers how to sell to someone who is new to network marketing.

    Click HERE to access chapter two.

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