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Multi level marketing leads Nigeria - Welcome to the premium free mlm network marketing lead generation portal in Nigeria.

The goal of this multi level marketing leads portal is to help you understand who mlm leads are from a business perspective and therefore get a different result.

Let's start from the basics. Who is an mlm lead?


Why everyone?

Simple reason . . . there is no restriction as to who can join your mlm team.

Network marketers are made up of people from all works of life . . . medical doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, pharmacists, traders, management staff, non-management staff, educated people, uneducated people, the rich, the poor . . . and more.

Why is it important to look at multi level marketing leads from this perspective?

Well, I have found that a lot of people who are mlm marketers under-perform because they don't take advantage of every opportunity available to them to recruit multi level marketing leads, especially online. And this is often because they do not see everyone as mlm leads, mlm prospect, or potential customer for their mlm business.

For example, I know someone who has about 1,200 friends in Facebook (as at the time of this writing) and he is a network marketer. Yet he has managed to post the url to his network marketing home business page just once in the last three weeks. And he did that only because his upline kept urging him to do so.

Guess what.

He has registered just one downline in the last three weeks. And that downline is a relative he spoke with offline NOT as a result of Facebook interaction or social network marketing. The interesting thing is that he is on Facebook virtually every day and he makes at least one new post every day in Facebook.

You know what.

That is just his Facebook activity.

He similarly interacts with other people online every day via other web sites. Still, he has registered just one person in the last three weeks.

Think about it.

What is the problem with this mlm marketer?

Most likely he does not see his Facebook friends as multi level marketing leads that can eventually become raving fans and high performing downlines.

Compare this person in question with another fellow in Facebook. Let's call him Mr. Ijebu.

Mr. Ijebu has about 800 Facebook friends (as at the time of this writing) and registers an average of two team members (or downlines) every day, even on weekends.

Note that Mr. Ijebu is constantly posting inspirational messages in Facebook.

In fact, he makes an average of two posts every day. And he is constantly seeking out new friends and increasing his friend count.

Yes, Mr. Ijebu shares uplifting messages day in day out. And he gets thumbs up from readers again and again.

However, I also noticed that every once in awhile (about 1 in 5 posts) he invites friends to take a look at his mlm business offer.

Guess what.

I have seen this same guy active on other Nigerian forums as well. Sure, I don't know how many other web sites he is active in but he is NOT limiting his marketing efforts to Facebook alone.

No wonder he registers an average of two new members every day!

Daily Registrations - The Secret To Skyrocket Your Team Size And Profit

What do you learn from the two examples above?

1. Use every opportunity online and offline to promote your network marketing business. Grab your friends into your mlm team before someone else does!

2. Share helpful insights with your friends in facebook and other online forums. DON'T make every post about your business otherwise it becomes NOISE and people stop listening.

3. Don't be afraid to talk about your business online or offline. Your friends and acquaintances need more money to care for their families. You have the solution. Why keep it away from them?

4. You grow your network marketing business faster when you use the internet to promote your business. So, use the internet wisely.

5. Don't limit your online marketing efforts to just facebook or twitter. MLM prospects are everywhere. Diversify your online marketing strategy. Use online forums, local business web sites, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc

6. If one system does not deliver as many multi level marketing leads as you envisaged, don't spend the entire weekend weeping. Instead, try another strategy and another and another until you find something that works for you.

One last thing.

Don't tie your network marketing business to your upline's performance.

Your upline's result has nothing to do with you.

Every mlm marketer is an independent business owner. This means your result depends entirely on your efforts, your innovation and creativity.

Is your upline not performing?

No problem.

Simply find other people in your company who are high performers and learn from them.

Remember . . . this is your business. It's what you make of it that will determine how well you live.

If you DO IT RIGHT (and passionately), you could buy your dream car or house in 365 days or less.

Who will enjoy the car and your mlm income with you? Your upline?

Of course not.

Sure, it's you and your family that will benefit.

Bottom line.

Every person you meet online and offline are multi level marketing leads waiting to joining your team.

So, think through how you will market to each group of people (neighbours, facebook friends, twitter followers, offline friends, family members etc). Then work out a marketing plan. Then JUST DO IT.

Your target should be to register at least one person every day.

In one year (365 days), you will have personally registered 365 people. And your team size could be as high as 1000-2000 people, if you do it right.

Guess what.

With that kind of team size, you could actually buy your dream car SOONER.

So, go for it!

Turn everyone you meet into multi level marketing leads and skyrocket your mlm income.

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