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Multi level marketing affiliate program Nigeria - In the previous chapter, I discussed the affiliate marketing basics . . . what affiliate programs are and the reason why people join.

From that discussion it is obvious that people join affiliate programs because it's a low cost way to start a business and earn good money.

Where does multi level marketing affiliate program come into the picture?

Well, the affiliate marketing basics section also covered two types of payment methods used by affiliate marketing companies.

The first is the linear payment method. With this method affiliates or independent marketers of the company are paid a percentage of the total sales they make. That means, the affiliate or marketer earns based on his personal sales performance.

The second payment method is the two tier payment method.

multi level marketing affiliate program nigeria

In this case, the affiliate or independent marketer is paid for personal sales made by him and personal sales made by other distributors he recruits to join the company as affiliates.

However, the affiliate does NOT earn from the sales volume made by the sub-affiliates of his sub-affiliates.

That means, he does not earn from the sales volume made by the affiliates or distributors recruited by the distributor he recruited.

In affiliate terminology, we say the affiliate or distributor earns one-level deep.

Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Program - More Levels of Payment Equals More Money For You!

Affiliates or distributors generate a lot of money for the companies they promote, especially companies that pay affiliates for the sales generated by other affiliates they recruit.

Naturally, new companies operating affiliate programs found they needed to make their program more appealing and the compensation plan more lucrative to capture the attention of top marketers.

That is how multi level marketing affiliate program with multiple levels of payment way born.

Initially, some companies introduced payment up to five levels. Then others came with payment for distributors up to eight levels deep.

Guess what.

The best compensation plan has hit town.

What affiliate compensation plan is that?

It's called unlimited levels of payment.

This means you earn commission on the sales made by distributors or affiliates you recruit, those they recruit, those that those others recruit, those their distributors, and on and on indefinitely.

In simple words . . . you earn a commission on whatever anyone in your team recruits.

Guess what happens.

In a short time, you could have as many as 7,000 to 10,000 distributors on your team . . . or more.

Here's the good news.

You earn commission on all the sales all of these people in your team generate, even if you have 70,000 people in your team.

Here's the really cool part.

As your team sales reaches certain milestones, you earn leadership bonuses in addition to your share of the sales volume your team members generate.

This is simply breathe taking! This is the kind of business you should be doing!

With this kind of business, your business profits compound and grows exponentially instead of growing linearly because you earn from your efforts and from the efforts of everyone in your team.

This type of affiliate program is called multi level marketing affiliate program or simple multi level marketing program.

This type of affiliate program is also called network marketing program or mlm program.

Think about it.

How do you prefer to be paid?

Based on your efforts or on the efforts of everyone in your team, even if you have 90,000 members?

Obviously, you prefer to be paid on all the sales made by your team.

That is why you should join a multi level marketing program NOT just an ordinary affiliate program.

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