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MLM Sponsoring And Recruiting - How Many People Do You Need To Recruit To Earn The Highest Income Possible in The MLM Company You Represent?

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

Every network marketing company require their distributors, affiliates or brand partners to sponsor or enroll new affiliates or distributors to grow the company’s distributor base.

Why do they do that?

The reason is obvious.

By helping the mlm company increase the number of independent marketers or brand partners they have, distributors help the company grow its sales volume and profit . . . and faster!

Bottom line.

You cannot run away from recruiting if you want to become a successful distributor or brand partner for a network marketing company in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

Since recruiting new distributors into your sales organization (or team) is a core requirement of mlm companies, two very important questions you should ask before registering as a business partner or distributor with a network marketing company are:

1. How many ACTIVE distributors do I need to recruit into my team to earn on re-orders by my team members?

2. How many ACTIVE distributors do I need to recruit into my team to qualify to earn ALL the bonuses available?

The Game of MLM Recruiting – Open
Greed By MLM Companies

Why do I say these two questions are among the very important questions you should ask before joining an mlm company?

The reason is this: Some network marketing companies are so greedy that they have set new distributor recruiting targets that the average person cannot meet. And when you cannot meet them, you are deemed NOT QUALIFIED to earn a part of the income your team has actually generated.

What happens when you’re deemed NOT QUALIFIED to earn a particular bonus?

The bonus either rolls up to your sponsor (or upline) or the company keeps it as part of its profit.

Can you imagine that!

You and your team of sponsored distributors have created the income, but ALL of it cannot be paid to you because you have not recruited the number of ACTIVE distributors to get paid the entire bonus amount your team has earned.

Did I hear you say that is cruel?

Sure it is!

What can you do about it?

Simple. Do NOT register as a distributor for companies that set outrageous recruitment targets for earning specific bonuses because those unreasonable targets seriously limit how much you can earn from the system.

You see, the compensation plan may say you will earn $1 million U.S. dollars when you achieve XY rank. And it sounds juicy to you.

$1 million U.S. dollars is a lot of money!

So, you’re tempted to jump in right away.

But STOP and ASK:

1. How many ACTIVE distributors do I need to recruit to earn on re-orders by my team members?

2. How many ACTIVE distributors do I need to recruit to qualify to earn ALL the bonuses available in the compensation plan?

Bottom line.

Don’t join a company that requires you to signup tens of people before qualifying to make good money from the company.

Sponsoring Example – Real Life Example of Number of People MLM Companies Require Distributors To Recruit To Qualify For Bonuses

Let’s compare two REAL-LIFE mlm companies and the number of ACTIVE distributors they require their distributors to recruit to qualify for bonuses.

Company ABC is a coffee network marketing company.

Distributors of this particular coffee mlm company are required to recruit 26 active distributors into the left team and 26 active distributors into the right team of their sales organization respectively to reach the rank of DIAMOND in the company and earn bonuses qualified for by members in that rank.

This means company ABC require their distributors to register a total of 52 ACTIVE distributors into their sales organization (26 on the left leg and 26 on the right leg) to reach the rank of diamond.

52 active distributors!

WOW! And diamond is not even the highest rank of the company!

A Company That Requires You To
Qualify For Bonuses By Recruiting Less

Now compare company ABC mentioned above to company XYZ.

1. Company XYZ require you to recruit 2 active distributors (one on the left team and one on the right team) to qualify to earn bonus on ALL re-orders by people below you in the system.

2. Company XYZ require distributors to recruit or sponsor 6 ACTIVE distributors (1 on the left leg, 1 on the right leg and 4 anywhere else in the system) to qualify to earn ALL bonuses available in the compensation plan.

STOP and THINK carefully about what company ABC and XYZ offer?

Which is easier? To recruit 52 active distributors or 6 active distributors?

Obviously, it is easier to recruit 6 active distributors!

This means that you will make more money if you register as a brand partner, affiliate, or distributor with company XYZ.

Remember . . . the more bonuses you qualify to earn, the more money you will make from any mlm company.

Conversely, the fewer the bonuses you qualify for, the less money you will make from the system.

So, choose correctly. Ask the right questions before you join!

Would you like to join company XYZ and give yourself a chance to achieve financial success through network marketing?

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