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MLM signups guide Nigeria - Every network marketer knows that when you increase your network marketing signups rate, you increase your mlm business profits. And that is exactly what mlm marketers want . . . to find a simple way to increase the number of mlm signups they have per day and per month.

So, how do you increase your network marketing signups?

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Simple. Turbo-charge your mlm marketing plan to increase the number of mlm leads you send to your network marketing business per day.

Wait. What is the relationship between mlm leads and mlm signups?

Well, every business has what is called conversion rate.

The conversion rate of an mlm business is the percentage of mlm leads who signup for the business opportunity or order the mlm products. This is also called the lead-to-customer conversion ratio.

This means that you should not expect 100 percent of your network marketing leads to become network marketing signups.

No matter how good your sales copy is or how good your relationship selling and personal selling skills are, not everyone you talk to or who reads you sales copy will take action and signup for your business opportunity or order the mlm products of your mlm company.

Some mlm leads will be excited about the opportunity and become mlm signups within hours while some will not give the mlm opportunity a second thought.

Since that is the case, you need to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to determine the lead sources that send leads with the highest conversion rate. Then focus on expanding your marketing campaign using those lead sources.

Let me re-phrase that.

Some lead sources bring a high number of network marketers who are also involved with a network marketing company to your business opportunity pages. Many of these network marketers do not wish to change their companies. Therefore, the number of mlm signups by mlm prospects from such lead sources will be low.

On the other hand, some mlm lead sources send prospects that are mlm opportunity seekers. These are ordinary folks interested in joining the top mlm opportunity available in their country (Nigeria or the country where you live).

These folks are searching and ready to invest their money and time when they find the mlm business opportunity that presses their buy button.

Now this group of mlm prospects are different. They are actually qualified mlm leads.

If you present your network marketing business opportunity correctly, using the right words, you're likely to win them over.

Believe me, this category of mlm leads will have a higher conversion rate than the previous category.

Bottom line.

If you want to grow your network marketing business profit, then grow the number of mlm leads you send to your mlm work from home business. And be sure to keep an eye on your conversion rate and use only the best lead sources with high lead-to-customer conversion ratio.

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