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MLM script guide Nigeria - Every successful network marketer knows that some line of conversations result in more mlm signups than others.

In the multi level marketing world, the marketing conversation (or marketing story) presented to prospects is called mlm script.

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So, if you want more mlm signups, then you must understand what line of conversation works well with your target market and consistently use that like of conversation or network marketing script.

Here's the truth.

You cannot sell mlm products or opportunity with a high degree of success without using an mlm script, network marketing script, or mlm manuscript.

In fact, you cannot sell anything worthwhile without using a winning marketing story.

You cannot just stand by and say nothing and expect someone to ask you, "hey, what are you selling?"

That just won't happen.

Every great sales person tells a story . . . a marketing story . . . about his products, service, or business opportunity.

The marketing story around the product, service, or mlm opportunity is what arouses the interest of the prospect and makes her want to hear more. And if the story is heartwarming, exciting, and inspiring, you've got a customer.

As mentioned above, some mlm scripts convert better than others.

Since that is the case, if you desire to be a top earner with the mlm company you promote as an independent business owner, you must of necessity look for a network marketing script or create a multi level marketing script that has high conversion rate.

Here's one more thing to remember.

MLM scripts can be written or spoken.

Yes, even if you will be having a one-on-one discussion with an mlm prospect or you're planning a multi level marketing training session with a group of prospects, you must plan in advance what to say and how to say it to have the greatest impact on your listeners. And if you do a great job of it, you may get tens of people signing up at once.

The same goes with written network marketing script for books, offline and online magazines, mlm classified ads, full page ads on web sites, posts in forums, and posts in Facebook and other social networks.

Network Marketing Script - Two Approaches

There are two approaches to mlm script. And those two approaches are based on the fact that there are two ways to promote your network marketing business.

When promoting your mlm business, you either . . .

1. Promote the mlm products or

2. Promote the mlm opportunity

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Every network marketer knows that they make more money when they recruit new distributors or downlines to their team. This means that the bigger your mlm team is, and the higher the percentage of active downlines, the more money you earn.

Consequently, the majority of mlm marketers focus on promoting the mlm opportunity rather than the products of the mlm company they represent. And therefore, their multi level marketing script is tuned towards promoting the mlm business opportunity.

I can tell you right away that one method is better than the other. But if you want to increase your success rate, you need to blend in the two approaches in a way that delivers the most profit for your mlm business.

The truth is . . . both marketing methods work depending on the prospect you're discussing with. And I recommend that you use the approach that will work well for the mlm prospect in question.

This script writing section will consider two sample network marketing manuscript or script you can use, each focusing on a particular type of prospect.

Use the links below to access these sample scripts.

Sample Network Marketing Script 1 - Promoting The Opportunity Offline

Internet Multi Level Marketing Script 2 - Promoting The Opportunity Online

Multi Level Marketing Script 3 - Promoting The Products

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