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MLM Qualifying Volume - Does Your MLM Company Carry Over Points From One Pay Period To The Next?

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

A common term used in the network marketing industry is Qualifying Volume (or QV).

This term refers to the number of points mlm distributors need to accumulate in their account to qualify for certain bonuses.

For example, a certain network marketing company that operates a binary compensation plan structure require distributors to accumulate 360QV on one leg and 180QV on the second leg to complete a cycle. And each cycle achieved pays out $20. This bonus is called cycle bonus.

So, if a distributor makes 10 cycles, he earns $200 in cycle bonus in that pay period. If he makes 200 cycles, he earns $4,000 in cycle bonus in that pay period.

Where do these points come from?

Distributors accumulate these points based on the number of products purchased by people in his team.

In the case of the company mentioned above, one pack of product purchased is 60QV. If an existing team member in the left team buy 1pack of product, 60QV or 60 points appear on the left leg. If 2 packs are purchased in the right team, 120QV appear on the right leg.

The question is: What happens if the points required to make 1-cycle is not completed by the end of the pay period. Will the points be carried to the next pay period for you to make up the balance and get paid or will the points FLUSH and you have to start from zero, from scratch the next pay period?

Obviously, you will make more money if the points do not flush . . . If unpaid volume is carried over to the following month and you're paid on it when you finally complete the QV requirements.

Bottom line.

Some network marketing companies flush points at the end of the pay period while some don't.

Now you need to ask yourself: Does my mlm company flush points or carry over points?

A Case Study: Your Points Have Been Flushed!

A certain network marketing distributor for a particular mlm company in Nigeria recently shared his experience with me.

He was a distributor for a health and wellness company that flush sales points at the end of the pay period.

He and his wife did not consider that to be a big deal because the network marketing company offered them high fast start bonus of 40 percent per new member registration. And so they felt it was the best mlm company.

A couple of months ago, his distributor account accumulated 18,000QV and he needed 20,000QV or points to qualify as a director and receive the director bonus.

Guess what.

The entire 18,000 points were Flushed at the end of the month. When they checked their back office on the first day of the next month, the points in their account was zero.

In summary, he missed the hefty director bonus that month and was required to start from scratch the following month.

That broke his heart.

Fortunately, a couple of months later, a friend approached him with the compensation plan of a company that does not flush points from one pay period to another. And he jumped at the offer.

The rest as they say is now history.

My advice?

Don't wait until you hit a major disappointment before you leave that company that does not carry over points from one pay period to the next.

Now is the time to quit!

Want to make more money for the same effort you put in?

Want a more rewarding compensation plan that carry over points from one pay period to another?

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