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MLM news desk Nigeria - Welcome to the free network marketing news forum.

This mlm news portal presents global and local network marketing news as it breaks.

Are you a network marketer or an mlm business opportunity seeker? Want to stay on the cutting edge of mlm business news?

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Want to keep tab of what is happening in the network marketing industry and get bigger cheques?

Then subscribe to this multi level marketing news channel.

How do you subscribe to this multi level marketing news site?

It's pretty simple. Just do three things.

First, bookmark this Nigeria mlm news portal using your browser.

Look at the top of this page, the upper part of your browser. Look for the bookmark button and bookmark this page.

Second, subscribe to this Nigeria mlm network marketing website news . . . the global and local network marketing news feed from this premium Nigeria network marketing business website.

How do you do that?

Simply scroll up to the top of this page and look at the top of the navigation bar to your left.

Use the orange RSS button to subscribe to the RSS feed of this Nigeria network marketing website.

The good thing about RSS feed is that it's completely anonymous. And the mlm news comes to you instead of you searching for the it.

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Network Marketing News - From Where?

The multi level marketing news featured on this Nigeria mlm website comes from two sources:

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1. Google news and

2. Global and Nigeria network marketers reporting the latest news in their particular sector

Let's start with Google.

This Nigeria network marketing website uses the Google news API to beam network marketing news to website visitors to keep them abreast with what is happening in the mlm industry locally and globally.

Wait. What's the value of having current news about the industry where you play?

Well, when you know what's hot . . . breaking news, breaking mlm news, stuff happening in the network marketing industry . . . you're better able to position yourself for mlm business success.

Want to succeed big time? Want fat mlm income? Want network marketing business success?

Subscribe to this global and local Nigeria news channel using all three options above.

You Too Can Contribute!

Guess what.

This network marketing news portal goes beyond just presenting global and local multi level marketing news packaged by Google.

What else does it do?

Well, it gives network marketers and business opportunity specialists, local and international, an opportunity to share news from their mlm companies . . . or the network marketing companies they represent, local or international.

Have mlm breaking news to share? Know of any new policies, strategies, or business opportunities?

Share them using the simple form below.

Multi Level Marketing News Posting Guidelines

Want your post to appear in this niche Nigeria mlm network marketing portal?

Then follow these simple multi level marketing news posting guidelines.

1. Your post must be original. It should not be something copied from another website. We will know if it is.

2. Your post must be news worthy not just blatant self promotion.

3. Your post must be at least 400 words long. (Check the word count of your post with a word document e.g. Microsoft Word)

In The News - Global News

Share Local Or International MLM News Or Your Opinion

Know something news worthy?

Share it here using the form below.

You can also share your opinion about the network marketing industry in Nigeria or your personal experience.

Help and be helped.

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1. Your story should be at least 400 words long to be accepted

2. Your story should be original. It must not be copied content from your web site or another web site. Copied content will be deleted.

Remember, we will know if your story is copied content or fake.

Want to be heard?

Write original content from your head using your own words.


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