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MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation Nigeria - Free MLM Lead Generation Tips

MLM network marketing lead generation is at the heart of every multi level marketing business in Nigeria (and anywhere else in the world where you do business).

If your mlm lead generation effort is such that fresh mlm leads continuously flow to your mlm business, then you will have continuous inflow of potential customers (or downlines) to your mlm business. And your network marketing business will naturally grow in size and profits.

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Therefore, mlm network marketing lead generation should be your primary concern when you start or own a multi level marketing business.

Your multi level marketing business will be even sweeter (and your profits bigger) when your mlm lead generation strategy brings plenty of free mlm leads to your network marketing business.

Wait. Why is mlm network marketing lead generation so critical to your network marketing success?

Simple answer . . . mlm leads are potential customers and distributors who may eventually buy your mlm products or join the network marketing business opportunity you promote.

In simple words . . . network marketing leads are people who eventually make you money either by buying the products you represent (or sell) or by joining the mlm business opportunity you promote.

Consequently, the more mlm leads you bring to your business . . .

  • the more products you will sell
  • the higher the number of people who will join your business opportunity in Nigeria and overseas
  • the higher you will rise in the business hierarchy and
  • the bigger your monthly and yearly earnings

No wonder mlm lead generation is key to your mlm business success!

MLM Lead Generation And Conversion Rate

Every business has a lead-to-customer conversion rate.

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The lead-to-customer conversion rate indicates the percentage of leads (or potential customers) who become paying customers.

For example, suppose your mlm network marketing lead generation strategy brings 200 people in contact with your business every month. That means you get to share your mlm business products and business opportunity with 200 people every month.

Suppose you introduced the mlm products to 100 of these people and the network marketing business opportunity to the other 100 people.

If at the end of the month, 20 people bought the mlm products and 15 people joined your mlm business opportunity, then your product conversion rate is 20 percent while your opportunity conversion rate is 15 percent.

Why is it important to know the lead-to-customer conversion rate of your mlm business?

It's because your mlm business success depends on it.

You see, a wise man once said, "what you cannot measure, you cannot control".

In a similar vein, you need to measure the lead-to-customer conversion ratio of your network marketing business. When you do, you will know what promotion delivers the highest conversion rate and thereby focus your efforts on that mlm lead generation strategy . . . and increase your profits.

Let's summarize what I have said so far.

1. MLM network marketing lead generation is key to mlm business success

2. Establish mlm lead generation strategy that brings the best mlm leads to your business

3. Measure the conversion rate of your marketing campaign and stick with the strategy that gives the best conversion rate

4. Adjust your mlm marketing plan to improve your lead-to-customer conversion rate since this have a direct impact on your volume of business and your profits

There are three key things you must not forget as you run your network marketing business.

First, do not be afraid to experiment. If one approach fails, don't go to your room, lock yourself up, and cry yourself to death. Instead, try something new.

When you find what works for you, stick with it and improve it even further.

Second, do not be afraid to spend money on advertising to promote your business even further.

For example, you can place low cost mlm classified ads in network marketing (and related) websites as well as in offline magazines that have an audience with great appetite for your kind of business.

Those low cost ads can become a great source of fast mlm leads for expanding your mlm business.

Third, explore the world of online mlm business by talking to a webmaster with experience in building content rich mlm websites. These kind of information rich websites have the potential to send hundreds of qualified mlm lead your way.

Remember . . . mlm network marketing lead generation is key to the success of your mlm business.

Therefore, sit back and review your mlm lead generation strategy.

How many mlm leads do you bring to your network marketing business daily, monthly?

How can you increase that volume of leads by, say, 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent?

Use the links above to access free tips for getting quality mlm leads and build your very own mlm mailing list you can sell to again and again.


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