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MLM multi level marketing lead generation strategies fall into two categories:

1. Network marketing lead generation using the online mlm business model and

2. MLM Multi level marketing lead generation using offline techniques

Experience has shown that the best mlm leads are those leads who call YOU, the network marketer, to ask you for more information about the network marketing business you promote.

This kind of mlm leads are called qualified mlm leads.

The qualified mlm leads section discusses how to effortlessly generate leads or potential customers to your network marketing business using the online consultant approach.

This section of the mlm multi level marketing lead generation discussion focuses on recruiting mlm leads to your network marketing business using the consultant approach to mlm sponsoring as it applies to offline multi level marketing business.

The Offline Consultant Approach To Downline Building

Let's start by refreshing our memory on the basic tenets of the consultant approach to mlm multi level marketing leads generation.

The consultant approach to mlm prospecting can be summarized as follows:

1. Establish yourself as an expert or a consultant

2. Earn the respect of the prospect

3. Let your prospect ask you about your business

4. Talk about your business in terms of the problem it solves, the benefits to the prospect

5. Offer the prospect an opportunity to investigate

6. Close the sale

This looks like a long list. How do you actually implement this in practice?

You start by first understanding and believing that this really works.

Believe me, faith does a lot of wonders.

Second, do what consultants do when you talk to prospects about your business.

What do consultants do?


Consultants listen and ask questions. And then more questions.

When you get prospects to talk to you instead of you talking at them or heaping loads and loads of information about your network marketing business opportunity on them, you're half way through to winning them over.

Remember . . . listen, ask questions, then more questions, before making a recommendation.

Your recommendation will be respected when you're calm and collected instead of being anxious to sell to your prospects.

But how do you even start the conversion in the first place?

Multi Level Marketing Leads - Winning The Prospecting Game

A lot of network marketers fret about how to start a sales conversation with prospects. This is especially true for people who are shy or afraid of selling.

The result?

Countless lectures, videos, and sales training (online and offline) on the subject of mlm multi level marketing lead recruiting and downline building. And that is great.

However, what I have found to work best is the simple stuff.

As usual, the best approach to mlm prospecting is KISS . . . Keep It Simple Stu-pid.

So, what is this simple approach to starting a sales conversation?

You simply . . .

  • make an observation as part of normal conversation
  • ask for the opinion of your friend, acquaintance, or prospect
  • wonder aloud what the solution is
  • ask more questions to analyze the efficacy of the solution proffered by the prospect
  • respond to his/her comments about the efficacy of the solution
  • share information about your search for a solution with your prospect
  • share the solution you found
  • share benefits of the solution
  • share the results you have achieved or that achieved by your upline
  • underline why the opportunity is real
  • close the sale

    Remember what consultants do . . .

    1. They listen

    2. They ask questions

    3. They respond to the answers provided by the clients

    4. They ask more questions

    5. They listen some more

    6. Then offer a solution

    7. Then share benefits of the solution

    . . . and they do all this calmly and as part of normal human conversation.

    Yes, consultants start by being at ease with themselves. Then they put their clients at ease (attitudes are contagious!). Then they sell their client a solution.

    That is why they are the experts!

    Your target should be to do the same with your mlm business prospects.

    Bottom line.

    If you adopt the consultant approach to mlm multi level marketing lead generation, you will sponsor prospects like mad.

    Trust me, your network marketing business prospects will be queuing to sign up as distributors under you. And your network marketing business will grow and grow.

    You know why?


    You're the expert everyone wants to do business with!

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