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MLM Marketing Plan Nigeria – Profitable Network Marketing Plan. Success Guaranteed.

MLM marketing plan guide Nigeria - Every serious business person has a well thought out marketing plan for his or her business. And this applies to every business, mlm network marketing business or otherwise.

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Why do you need a business marketing plan?

A profit oriented mlm marketing plan enables you to identify promotions or marketing techniques that generate targeted mlm leads and then focus your promotional efforts on doing only those things that gives you the best returns per dollar (or Naira) spent.

In practice, this means that the goal of mlm marketing plan is to attract quality mlm leads, prospects with high lead-to-customer conversion ratio, to your mlm business at minimum cost.

Developing A Network Marketing Plan

Developing a network marketing plan (or a network marketing promotion plan) involves six key areas:

1. Identifying your mlm target market (e.g. mlm opportunity seekers, mlm marketers etc)

2. Identifying sources of mlm leads for your target market

3. Drawing up your advertising budget

4. Setting up your promotions

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5. Tracking the results (number of leads versus number of mlm signups) and

6. Fine-tuning your promotions to increase conversion rate

Remember . . . the goal of a good mlm marketing plan is to promote your network marketing business in locations your target audience visit and, therefore, attract these targeted leads to your mlm business.

Guess what.

The more mlm prospects you can pull or attract to your mlm business, the more mlm signups you will have and the bigger your team will become.

A bigger mlm team often results in more money in your pocket.

So, by all means, get more prequalified prospects or prequalified mlm lead to your business!

MLM Leads - From Where?

So, where will you get your mlm leads from?

If you run a network marketing home based business, then you use the internet to attract fresh mlm leads to your network marketing business.

But where will these online mlm leads come from?

You can attract hundreds of online mlm leads to your multi level marketing business by doing the following:

1. Build a network marketing web site

2. Buy mlm classified ads and full page ads in a popular niche, business, or income opportunity web site

3. Sign up for a CPC ad network like Google Adwords program and bid on specific keywords related to your mlm business

4. Be active in niche forums that cover subject areas related to your business. People who enjoy your posts will want to know what kind of mlm business you promote. You can include a catchy bit of info in your signature to arouse the interest of prospects.

5. Promote your mlm business through social network marketing web sites like Facebook. Use your Facebook personal profile and a Facebook business page dedicated to promoting your business

6. Use Facebook ads to promote your Facebook business page or your mlm web site

7. Launch an online press release to announce your business to the world

8. Promote your business (NOT the mlm company you represent) in business oriented offline magazines

9. Recruit prospects through smart and structured network marketing lead list and

10. Use network marketing phone lead generation strategy as appropriate

Converting MLM Prospects To Customers

The discussion above has shown you how to attract qualified mlm lead to your network marketing business by developing an mlm marketing plan that includes some or all of the mlm lead sources listed above.

The next obvious question is, how do you convert these mlm prospects to paying customers who sign up for your mlm business opportunity and join your team?

The truth is this.

You will convert mlm leads to paying customers in droves when you do one thing very well.

What is that?

Your marketing message must communicate to mlm
prospects what's in it for them.

If your mlm marketing message or sales copy cannot communicate clearly, and emotionally, how joining the business opportunity you promote benefits them, then you will have very low conversion rate.

Low conversion rate means you spend more advertising Naira to recruit less people.

That is not good for business.

Want to convert network marketing prospects to customers like mad?

Then communicate better. Write better.

Why is that important?

It's because certain words convert prospects to customers than others. Use the right words that communicate the benefits of your business opportunity in emotional terms and you will convert excellently.

On the other hand, if you write a technical sales copy, your sales copy will convert poorly. That is why the best multi level marketing tool is not some technically sound software, but words . . . words that can sell ice even to eskimos.

This mindset shift is important to achieve amazing success with your network marketing business.

First, you need to see your business as an information marketing business. And yourself as a multi level marketing information provider.

Then you need to create an mlm script for use with offline prequalified mlm lead and online sales copy for use on your network marketing web site or some other web site where you promote your mlm business.

Bottom line.

The mlm marketing plan is an all-inclusive plan that details . . .

  • how you intend to get mlm prospects to you business
  • convert as many of those prospects into mlm signups or team members and
  • train these new team members to replicate your sales performance

Bottom line.

If you don't have an effective mlm marketing plan, you don't have a profitable mlm business.

Effective Duplication Or Replication - Bigger Team Bonuses

If you're a network marketer, you perhaps understand that the biggest advantage of multi level marketing business over conventional distributorship business is leverage . . . the concept of being paid a percentage of the earnings of everyone in your team.

Therefore, the bigger your team and the more active your team members are, the more money you make.

Being active means that your team members must be able to recruit new team members regularly and train them to recruit new team members and so on.

For your team members to successfully accomplish this, you should . . .

All of this can be time-consuming and nerve-wrecking especially if you're a part-time network marketer who is still in paid employment or who have limited time to spare.

The solution?

Use an mlm downline builder software to automate the process of new downline recruitment, training, and duplication.

The right mlm downline software will literally explode your mlm earnings!

Want to achieve mlm success?

Want to earn more money with less work?

Have a profit oriented mlm marketing plan!

Use the right mlm downline builder and skyrocket your sales and profit!

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