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MLM marketers guide Nigeria - This section presents a special message for network marketers from Nigeria mlm consultant, Samson Itoje.

If you're a network marketer, I suggest you clear your head of everything you already know and pay attention. If you're one of the thousands of mlm opportunity seekers searching for the perfect mlm opportunity, I suggest you do the same . . . clear your mind of all the old school mlm theories you've been fed and listen good.

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Let's start from the basics.

What is the success rate of mlm marketers?

Wait. What do I mean by network marketers success rate?

In this context, successful mlm marketers are people who join what they considered a top mlm opportunity and are still promoting the business opportunity 3-5 years down the road because they earn enough to pay their bills from the business opportunity and are advancing from one achievement level to another and earning leadership bonuses as they advance.

So, what is the success rate of network marketers?

About 5-10 percent.

This means only about 5-10 percent of people who register for an mlm business opportunity actually remain active distributors 3-5 years after they first registered for the business opportunity. And only about 2-3 percent of those active distributors actually get to the highest level of achievement and earn really fat cheques.

Guess what.

The biggest money is made by mlm marketers when they rise up the leadership level and reach the top most level of achievement. And it is the potential to earn those fat cheques when they qualify for those leadership achievements that tempted network marketers to join the opportunity in the first place.

Yes, most network marketers never get to achieve that dream!

Network Marketers Failure - What's Responsible?

MLM marketers are a special breed of people.

They are a group of people who are highly self-motivated and who are not content with being stuck with a paid job where their bosses push them around.

Network marketers are people who want to be on top rather than at the bottom. They want to be leaders NOT followers.

They want to be the boss! They want to be in-charge of their destiny!

In simple words . . . most mlm marketers already have one of the critical ingredients for business success. And that is . . . self motivation.

They also have another ingredient for business success. And that is persistence.

Self motivation, drive, and persistence are three of the key ingredients for business success . . . whether mlm business, grocery business, laundry business, or any other business there is.

Here's a hard fact about business.

Self motivation, drive, and persistence are important but they are NOT sufficient to make a business person successful.

So, what is the critical ingredient you must add to the three ingredients above to become an mlm success?

Simple answer . . . good selling skills.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to sell.

Most people can't even do so much as sell to their neighbours whom they interact with every day. How then can they sell to total strangers?

Since most people are either too shy to sell or too embarrassed to be seen as sales people, they naturally fail with their mlm business. And most likely, they will fail with any other business they start because good selling skills is required for success with any business.

MLM Business Success - How To Break The Yoke of Failure And Actually Succeed

Selling is tough but it's not rocket science. It can be learned.

Actually, there is a simpler way to sell . . . a simpler way that even shy people who become mlm marketers can implement.

This is the very same strategy I have used to build my team and become one of the top recruiters in the mlm company I promote. And it is the very same strategy I teach my downlines to duplicate my success.

Why does this strategy work?

It's because it does not involve one-on-one selling . . . something most people are either not good at or are too shy (or too embarrassed) to do.

How do you access this information?

The good news is this . . .

I have assembled all of the information you need to succeed with this strategy in my special report, "How To Succeed With MLM Distributor Business".

There is even more good news.

This special report is completely FREE. You pay nothing to get this special report from the Nigeria MLM consultant.

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