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MLM list building guide Nigeria - You want pre-qualified fresh mlm leads in your mlm mailing list NOT an over-used list made up of people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

How do you build that kind of list?

Simply build your mlm mailing list using a proven process that works all the time.

It's pretty simple.

First, subscribe to an auto response system. This allows you to accept subscriptions to your list and also send mass email to everyone in your list at once.

 nigeriaBy mass email I mean that you don't have to send email to each person in your mlm list one after the other.

A mass mailing system allows you to be able to click a button and have your message sent to the email addresses of everyone in your mlm mailing list, even if you have 70,000 people in your list.

Second, create some helpful original content on your network marketing web site so that people who visit your page to subscribe to your list will get the feeling that they are not being subscribed to some scam but are signing up for something that will, indeed, benefit them.

For example, as at the time of this writing, this Nigeria mlm network marketing web site has over 80 pages of information written by me. By the time you read this line, there may be much more than that number of pages on this since I write average of one page per day.

Now think about this.

When you first visited this web site and landed on a page, what was your first reaction?

Most likely, you read some or all of the information on that page and then clicked another link to look something up that looked interesting.

Did you get the feeling that you were about to be scammed?

If you didn't, why not?

Most likely, it's because of the ambience of the site . . .

  • the look and feel
  • the way the site was put together
  • the diversity of subject matter or sub-categories

    . . . and every little bit of 'this and that' that makes the site appealing to explore.

    After looking around, some people just go ahead and subscribe to the MLM Success Guide Magazine . . . my monthly magazine that offers simple but effective mlm strategies that propel subscribers toward mlm success.

    Now, think again.

    Why do these site visitors subscribe and join my mlm list?

    Simple answer . . . they get the emotional conviction that there's something in it for them. They feel that they stand to gain when they subscribe to the mlm success guide magazine.

    So, do you want to grow your mlm mailing list naturally and effectively?

    Then don't just put up a one-page mlm list subscription page. If you do, your mlm signup rate will be adversely affected.

    Third, promote your mlm mailing list subscription page.


    Promote the signup page on

  • free web sites and forums
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • through a press release and
  • through PPC advertising as appropriate

    Here's one thing to remember.

    A good percentage of people who become subscribers to your mlm list may not join your business.

    Consequently, building an mlm mailing list is a long-term approach to building your mlm business.

    Since that is the case, it makes business sense to promote your mailing list subscription pages using cost effective strategies.

    Nevertheless, if you do this right, your promotion efforts could attract thousands of open-minded qualified mlm leads who may become paying team members somewhere down the road.

    When that happens, you would have truly established a cash machine that keeps paying you handsomely month after month.

    P.S: Our downline building software comes with a FREE mailing list module that empowers the average person to start and manage an mlm mailing list. The best part? There is no restriction as to the number of people who can join your mlm list. And the price of the software is a flat annual fee irrespective of whether you have 10,000 members or 100,000 members. Click HERE for details.

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