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MLM home based businesses Nigeria - Network marketing home business is the perfect home based business opportunity in this time and age.

The good news is . . . mlm home based businesses are easy to run and profitable because you save commuting cost and actually get more work done at home.

However, there is something you must be wary of so you don't waste your precious time and money.

You have to be careful when choosing network marketing home business opportunities to join because not all opportunities promoted as mlm home based businesses are really network marketing home based businesses.

Since this is the case, the next natural question is, how do you identify a true network marketing home business?

Network Marketing Home Business Selection Criteria

Network marketing home based businesses have certain characteristics that classified them as such. So, for a particular mlm home business to be truly in the elite category of mlm home based businesses, it must possess these characteristics.

What are these characteristics or criteria that are met by best of breed multi level marketing home based businesses?

They are:

1. The mlm company must allow its distributors (or independent business owners) to have their own website

2. The multi level marketing company must provide a personal website per distributor where distributors can take orders online and be credited with the sale

3. The mlm company should design the distributor web sites such that distributors can both take orders online and view their sales record, team commissions, team members (or downlines) and other aspects of their mlm business online

4. The network marketing company must allow distributors to link from their own websites to the company-given website where they can take orders online

5. The company should allow distributors to talk about the mlm products they promote on their own website without fear of being sanctioned (as long as they do not misrepresent the company products they promote)

6. The multi level marketing company should allow distributors to recruit new distributors into their team irrespective of the country the distributor lives (even if the prospect's country of residence is different from that of the distributor) as long as the company has its operations in the country of residence of the prospect and

7. The company should allow her distributors to promote any other products they wish (mlm product/opportunity or otherwise) as long as there is clear distinction of products/opportunities in the pages that promote competing products or service

Network Marketing Companies And Restrictions

The truth is this . . . network marketing companies place all kinds of restrictions on their distributors.

Guess what.

These restrictions are often written in fine print. And since most people don't read the terms of service and company policy documents of these so-called mlm home based businesses before they join, they only get to find out about restrictions imposed by their companies when they venture into network marketing home business or online network marketing.

Here's one indisputable fact about business.

Manufacturing companies need distributors to succeed in meeting their profit targets. And distributors need the network marketing company's products and resources to achieve their income targets.

Therefore, mlm companies are not doing you a favour by accepting you as their distributor. And you're not doing the multi level marketing companies a favour by promoting their products or opportunity.

In simple words . . . network marketers have a symbiotic relationship with the network marketing companies they represent.

Network marketers are manufacturers' representatives. They are independent business owners who partner with multi level marketing companies to . . .

1. help grow the mlm company's business and

2. Earn a comfortable livelihood for themselves

As people say in business circles, "It's nothing personal. It's business."

Since that is the case, don't accept inconsiderate restrictions from mlm companies branded as mlm home based businesses but whose terms of service fall short of that label.

Use the criteria above to assess popular network marketing home businesses before you join.

Remember . . . it's your business.

You're in primarily for the financial benefit it brings to your family.

Therefore if company policies restrict your ability to expand your business, look elsewhere.

When network marketers in Nigeria and all over the world begin to say, "enough is enough!", network marketing companies will be forced to . . . shape up and become true network marketing home business or shut down.

My advice?

There's nothing better than mlm work from home business opportunities especially network marketing home business opportunities that meet the criteria listed above.

Take my advice.

Stick with the new generation mlm companies that empower you to use the internet to grow your multi level marketing business effortlessly . . . the network marketing companies that use the online mlm business model and offer free mlm business websites.

Believe me, you will be more successful and happier if you do.

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