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MLM distributors guide Nigeria - Network marketing distributors are sales people who become independent business owners when they join a network marketing company.

The relationship between mlm distributors and the mlm companies they represent is pretty simple and straightforward.

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Network marketing distributors use their knowledge, skill, and experience to promote the products of the mlm company and the mlm business opportunity.

In return, they are paid commission and leadership bonuses based on their personal sales volume and the sales volume of their team of sub-distributors or downlines, according to the published mlm company pay plan.

In simple words . . . mlm distributors, network marketing distributors or mlm marketers are in the business of selling.

The more they and their team sell (products plus opportunity), the more they earn.

Yes, there is no FREE cup of tea with network marketing business!

Principles of Distributor Business

A lot of people dabble into distributor business without first giving consideration to what it entails to be a distributor.

Let's review some of the tenets of distributor business.

Rule #1: Startup Capital

Every business requires startup capital.

network marketing distributors nigeria

Even if you decide not to become a network marketing distributor but instead decide to start your own provision store or supermarket, you will still need startup capital.

What's the difference between mlm distributors who choose the mlm business model and the average person who starts a supermarket business, service business, or conventional distributor business?

Well, mlm distributors have one huge advantage over all these other types of distributor and service businesses.

The advantage is this . . . network marketing distributors require very small startup capital to launch their multi level marketing distributor business.

For example, if you join my mlm business opportunity, you could launch your distributor business with just $60 (or about 12,000 Naira).

Compare this with a conventional company that requires their distributors to provide a non-refundable distributor application deposit of 250,000 Naira before even issuing them the distributor application form.

Believe me, it's way better to be a network marketing distributor.

Rule #2: Monthly Sales Volume

Distributors are required to sell a certain volume of the company's product every month. This applies to all companies, whether mlm companies or regular companies.

The term 'distributor' actually means that you distribute a physical product or service. So, if you do not distribute the product, you cannot be rightfully called a distributor.

Therefore, there is what is called active and inactive distributors.

If you register as a distributor and you do not actually make sales month after month, you become an inactive distributor. And inactive distributors don't earn a dime.

Bottom line.

All distributors, irrespective of company, are required to do at least a given sales volume every month. In the case of a conventional company, this minimum sales volume for distributors can be very stretching.

For example, one beverage company in Nigeria at one time required distributors to be able to make sales volume of at least three million Naira every month.

Believe me, that is tough for the average guy.

The good thing about mlm distributor business is this . . . the minimum sales volume per month is very small.

In fact, if you join my mlm opportunity, all you have to do is sell at least one pack of product every 4 weeks.

Just one pack in four weeks!

You can do that, can't you?

Rule #3: Leverage Income

There is one aspect of network marketing distributor business that is not found with conventional distributor businesses.

That aspect is called leverage income.

Let me explain.

MLM companies are what is called direct selling companies . . . they sell to small volume distributors who sell direct to consumers. Consequently, this business model eliminates the need for wholesalers and retailers.

However, there is a problem with that. And the problem is the fact that mlm distributors are required to sell a very small amount of products to qualify to earn commission. This business policy could erode the profitability of mlm companies and jeopardize their ability to survive.

To counter that, mlm companies introduced a network marketing compensation plan that pays network marketing distributors for selling the products and promoting the opportunity.

"Promoting the opportunity" means that network marketers are rewarded for inviting friends, neighbours, colleagues, family, acquaintances, and everyone else who care to listen to become distributors.

The compensation plan is structured such that mlm distributors earn more when they invite more people to join their team because they actually earn a percentage of what their team members generate as sales.

For example, someone with a team size of 10,000 active members will earn far more than what someone with a team of 5000 active members will earn.

This policy of earning from the effort of your team members propels network marketers to focus on growing their sub-distributor base (or downline base) rather than actually selling the products.

This behaviour quickly increases the market penetration of mlm companies and significantly grows their business within a short period.

Bottom line.

The company wins and mlm distributors win.

Yes, it's a true win-win for both parties.

In summary, mlm network marketing distributors have a huge advantage over the average guy trying to start out on their own.

My advice?

Join the best home base business opportunity today.

Become a network marketing distributor and earn twice as fast!

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