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MLM classified ads guide Nigeria - One way to attract network marketing leads to your mlm business opportunity offer is to buy network marketing classified ads space in existing web sites.

What are mlm classified ads?

mlm classified ads nigeria

These are short ads that you post in classified ads directory to promote your mlm business offer.

Classified ads network often specify the maximum number of characters you can use to advertise your business in their classified ads directory. Alternatively, the webmaster may peg the number of characters that you can enter into the description section of the ad submission form.

Bottom line.

MLM classified ads often have a character limit so you have to craft your offer in catchy fewer words that invites, even compels, the reader to click your link to learn more.


What is the value of network marketing classified ads?

Network marketing classified ads enable you to display information about the mlm business opportunity you promote to an existing audience that may include some folks that will be interested in your network marketing business opportunity offer.

For example, you can place classified mlm ads in this premium Nigeria mlm network marketing web site through the mlm classifieds section of this web site and send targeted mlm leads to your network marketing business.

Network Marketing Classified Ads - Marketing MLM Opportunity To Existing Web Site Traffic

Every web site has a certain number of daily unique visitors irrespective of the subject matter of the web site.

For example, some web sites have 500 unique visitors per day, others 10,000 unique visitors per day, and still others over 20,000 unique visitors per day.

Your goal as an mlm marketer is to direct some of these web site visitors to your network marketing opportunity.


You got it . . . by placing mlm classified ads in these already popular web sites.

The advantage of advertising in an already popular web site is this . . . you can begin to send mlm prospects to your network marketing business almost immediately. And the more related to your business the web site is, the more targeted the mlm leads will be.

For example, suppose you buy mlm classified ads space in a web site that gets 10,000 unique visitors per day.

Suppose too that only 5 percent of the web site total daily visitors visit the classified ads directory where your listing is showcased.

This means on a daily basis about 500 people will visit the classified ads directory where your business advert is located.

Suppose only 5 percent of the people who visit this page take interest in your mlm ads and click on the link you provided to learn more about your offer.

This means that on a daily basis, 25 people who originally visited the popular web site will be transferred from that web site to visit your mlm opportunity.

Now suppose your offer is so good that your mlm opportunity sales page have a 20 percent conversion rate.

In this case, you will have a signup rate (or mlm conversion rate) of 5 new distributors or team members every day.

Get the point?

When you buy mlm classified ads from existing popular web sites, you skip the tedious part of mlm prospecting that involves visiting all your friends to tell them about your mlm business opportunity.

Instead, you start recruiting new team members almost immediately . . . and right from home!

This is the power of a true mlm work from home business.

Want targeted mlm lead to your network marketing home based business?

Simply buy network marketing classified ads in niche directories and content web sites that are related to your mlm business theme.

Classified Ad Cost

Classified ad costs vary from web site to web site.

Generally, the more popular a web site is, the more expensive it is to place classified network marketing ads on the web site.

You may also have heard of free mlm classified ads.

Yes, some new web sites and web sites that have little traffic launch their classified ads service by offering a free service to advertisers, including network marketers.

When the number of merchants advertising on their network become sizable, they then become a paid service.

The strategy is this.

They allow you to experience their service. If the service is good, you tell others about it. And the people you have told will also tell others who will tell others and who will tell others.

This online buzz (free stuff always create a buzz) results in more web sites linking to this web site offering the free classified ads. This has the potential to increase the overall rating of the web site in question by search engines. This, in turn, brings in more traffic for the web site offering the free advertising service.

Just when you think all is perfect, they hit you with the paid version.

Chances are you will stay with them and start paying for their service if you have been tracking your results and you believe they send you a decent amount of mlm prospects who eventually convert to mlm signups or paying customers.

My advice?

If you find any free multi level marketing classified ad service, go ahead and use the service. It's a great way to grow your mlm business at minimum cost.

However, don't be afraid to spend money to promote your mlm business because, in reality, you get what you pay for.

Many free stuff are not completely free.

Be sure to weigh what you're losing by using the free service vis a vis what you will gain if you use a paid service that offers you an ad-free classified ads directory that results in more click-through to your offer.

Click HERE to use our classified ads service.

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