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MLM Business Opportunity. No Recruiting Required. No Autoship Required. One-time Payment.

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

Tens (even hundreds) of network marketing companies are advertised using the slogan above.

They lure unsuspecting business opportunity seekers by saying, “No recruiting is required! No autoship or monthly purchases required! You pay only ONCE and continue earning forever!”

Guess what.

Thousands of people jump in and pay the signup fee because they believe this is an easier mlm business opportunity . . . a network marketing business opportunity they can earn thousands of dollars from monthly and with minimum work.

This kind of marketing slogan easily suck-in thousands of people, and quickly, because most people want . . .

1. A network marketing business opportunity that requires little maintenance cost

2. An mlm business opportunity where they don’t have to recruit anyone and

3. A business opportunity they can earn from monthly without any monthly commitment or monthly purchases

That sounds great doesn’t it?

Truth be told . . . it may sound great on the surface but when you DIG DEEP, you will realize it is not so great after all.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s start by asking some common sense questions.

Common Sense Question #1: Where Does Your Bonus Come From If You Pay Once And Earn Monthly?

Some business opportunity companies posing as genuine network marketing companies offer money making opportunities where members are required to pay a one-time registration fee and pay nothing afterwards.

Members of this kind of business opportunities are told they can earn monthly . . . and forever . . . with just a one-time registration fee.

The question is, “If you pay an entry fee once and you continue to earn bonuses monthly, where does the money come from to pay your bonus and those of others in the program?”

Answer: The bonus the company pays you come from the registration fee paid by others who join the program after you.

This means that no real business is being done by mlm companies who offer business opportunities that require a one-time registration fee.

They collect an entry free from new members and use part of it to pay existing members while they pocket the rest.

There are two reasons why you should NEVER join this kind of income opportunities.

First, this kind of compensation system is NOT sustainable because a time will come when the amount of money received from new member registrations will not be enough to pay all existing members and the company will die a natural death.

This means the system is doomed to fail from the very beginning.

Why on earth would you want to be a part of that kind of business model?

Second, this kind of system is classified as a pyramid scheme by the law. That means it is an illegal business model. And when you get involved with an illegal pyramid scheme, the people you bring into the business will eventually lose money and they will hate you for that.

Besides messing up your reputation, you could go to jail for promoting an illegal pyramid scheme.

Common Sense Question #2: If There Is No Recruiting, Why Is Someone Trying To Recruit You Into The Program?

Think about this scenario.

A friend comes to you and offers you a business opportunity with a lot of hype. He tells you one of the benefits of the business opportunity he is introducing to you is that “No Recruiting is required”.

Stop him and ask, “If no recruiting is required, why are you trying to recruit me into joining this business opportunity?”

That is a common sense question that is worth asking. And make sure you ask that question!

More importantly, do not fall for that kind of gimmick.

The companies promoting their business opportunity using this slogan obviously are dubious companies.

The friend trying to recruit you into the income opportunity in question is doing so because the company he represents reward members financially for recruiting new members. And yet, the company’s marketing strategy is to deceive people into believing that no recruiting is required.

That is a company built on lies! Do NOT join that kind of company!

Another important thing to remember is this: The network marketing business model is partially about recruiting new distributors.

Genuine network marketing business is about selling products and recruiting people to sell products.

Therefore, if a company claiming to be a network marketing company supposedly offers a compensation plan that does not involve recruiting, then it is not a genuine network marketing company.

No smart or business savvy person should join that kind of company!

Common Sense Question #3: If You Purchase Nothing And Sell Nothing, Can It Truly Be Called A Business Opportunity? defines a business as “An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.”

In simple words . . . for a system to be considered a business, you must either exchange goods for goods or money for goods.

Therefore, if a company (or one of its affiliates) comes to you with a business opportunity where nothing is sold and nothing is bought, do NOT join because it is not a genuine business. And if it is not a genuine business, it will not stand the test of time.

Bottom line.

Don’t be a sucker!

Don’t waste your hard-earned resources jumping from one pyramid-type opportunity to another.

Ask the right questions before you join any advertised or recommended business opportunity.

Do not join a pyramid scheme. You will lose your money eventually and so will people you introduce the business to who take you seriously.

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