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low cost mlm lead nigeria

Low cost mlm lead Nigeria - Low cost network marketing lead generation techniques empower network marketers to generate multi level marketing leads to their mlm business at low cost.

What is the relationship between lead generation cost and profit?

Well, if you're able to get low cost mlm lead to your mlm business, then your total business operating cost will be low. And the lower your business cost, the higher your profit.

Expressed mathematically, . . .

Profit = Earnings - Expenses

Let's take an example to illustrate the relationship between low cost mlm lead and the size of your profit.

Suppose you buy mlm leads at $1 per lead and your lead-to-customer conversion ratio is 20 percent.

This means every time you buy 100 leads, you spend $100. And every time you spend $100, 20 people join your network marketing business.

Bottom line.

When you spend $100, you grow your team by 20 people or 20 distributors.

Therefore if you buy mlm leads worth $1000, you will grow your team size by 200 people.

Now, suppose this team growth rate results in you earning an extra $3,500 dollars per month in team commissions.

The profit you earn from buying network marketing leads worth $1,000 will be calculated as . . .

Profit = 3,500 - 1,000 = 2,500 USD

Therefore, by spending $1,000 in mlm advertising, you're able to grow your mlm business profit by $2,500 per month.

That is great.

But is there room for improvement? Can you improve your profit margin?

Sure, you can!

Low Cost Network Marketing Lead - The Benefits

How can you increase your profit margin?

Well, take a second look at the simple mathematical equation above.

What the equation is saying is this . . . If your expenses per unit of income earned increases, your profit will decrease by the same margin.

This means that if you can reduce your business expenses for the same level of income, your profit will increase by the same margin that you reduced your expenses.

Let's take a simple example.

Suppose you can find a low cost mlm lead source (or a low cost network marketing lead source) that sells mlm leads at $0.5 (or 50 cents) per mlm network marketing lead instead of $1 per lead as you were used to buying.

This means that if you buy mlm leads worth $500, you will generate $3,500 in additional commissions per month.

So, by finding a cheaper multi level marketing lead source (a source selling leads 50% cheaper than your previous lead source), you can increase your profit per month from $2,500 to $3,000.

That is . . .

Profit = 3,500 - 500 = 3,000

Bottom line.

If you're looking for ways to increase your mlm business profit, you should look beyond just increasing the number of leads you bring to your network marketing business. You should also be concerned about the cost per lead.

Sources of Low Cost Multi Level Marketing Leads


Now you know you can get more family and personal money in your bank account by simply keeping tabs on what it cost to get each mlm lead.

You now understand that it's not just about getting more network marketing leads but getting low cost network marketing lead sources that increase your profit month after month.

Now the question is . . . what are these low cost mlm lead generation sources?

The answer is clearly stated in the cheap mlm lead section.

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