Leverage Income Nigeria - How To Multiply Your Earnings A Thousand Fold With Leverage Income

Leverage income Nigeria - Everyone wants to make more money. In fact, I am yet to see someone, no matter how rich she is, who doesn't want to make more money. And people looking to earn more money want to do so without having to take on a second job that will complicate their lives.

The truth is . . . you can now earn more money, and loads of it, without stress.


Through the concept of leverage income.

leverage income nigeria

Now that is appealing! That is just what you have been looking for!

Wait. How is that possible?

What is the meaning of leverage income in the first place? And how does this concept help you make loads of extra cash without stress?

Let me explain.

Definition of Leverage Income

Leverage income is income you earn by leveraging on the efforts of other people. That means you get paid a percentage of the earnings of everyone grouped as part of your team.

Here is how it works.

You start by registering as a distributor for a company that sells, say, vitamin supplements . . . one of the most popular product segments in the world because health is the biggest concern of humans.

Next, you promote the company's products as a distributor and you receive commission based on your personal sales volume.

This is exactly the kind of work any sales person will do for any kind of organization. But this is just one way you're paid.

The next remuneration package you're offered by the company differentiates you from any other kind of sales person from any 'regular' organization out there.

What package is that?

Well, this kind of company in question offers you an opportunity to earn a percentage of the total sales volume of anyone you register as distributor and those they register as distributors and those those other folks register as distributors . . . and on and on without limitation as to the maximum number of sub-distributors you can have and over whom you can earn.

How does that offer sound to you?

Sounds great, right?

That is what is called leverage income.

Let's take an example to drive the point home.

Suppose you work for a company that sells vitamin supplements as mentioned above. Suppose too that you sell 20 units of the product per month and the selling price is $60 per unit while your commission per unit is $10.

Your earnings for the month will be = 20 x 10 = $200

Now suppose the company offers an opportunity to earn leverage income on everyone in your team without limitation as to the number of levels of distributors or downlines over whom you can earn.

Suppose too that you have 3,800 people in your team and you earn $1 per sale they make.

At the end of the month your team commission will be = 3800 x 1 = $3,800

Get the point?

power of leverage income nigeria

You did not participate in the work of your team members. You do not know how they recruited new members into the team. You don't know how they did their magic. You may not even know hundreds of them in person or by name. Yet you get paid for the result they get.

Isn't that wonderful? Isn't this the way you like to be paid?


Believe me, this is the best way to get paid. If you're not already getting paid this way, you're short-changing yourself.

What should you do?

Take action!

How To Enjoy Leverage Income

So, how do you start getting paid this way?

Simply look for an mlm company with binary pay plan and matching bonuses and join right away.

Remember . . . the only companies that offer leverage income are network marketing companies.

All other companies pay you linearly, based on your personal sales achievement. And when you stop working or you're retired, you stop getting paid. And your earnings cease.

On the other hand, mlm companies pay you for your performance and the performance of your team. Therefore, the bigger your team, the bigger your pay cheque.

Guess what.

The monthly sales target for most mlm companies is usually 1 unit of sale per month.

Anyone can meet that!

Oh, there is more good news.

When you join an mlm company, you keep earning even when you're retired. Age does not stop you from earning. And there is no risk of getting fired by your employer because network marketers are independent business owners and consultants for the mlm companies they promote.

WoW! This is amazing!

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