Internet Multi Level Marketing Script Nigeria – Online MLM Script That Converts Leads To Downlines Fast!

Internet multi level marketing Nigeria - Would you like to know the secret formula that converts internet multi level marketing leads to downlines fast?

Obviously, you want to . . . if you're an mlm marketer serious about growing your network marketing business using online network marketing strategies.

online multi level marketing nigeria

So, what's the secret formula?

The written words.

The words you write in the mlm opportunity sales letters on your

  • Network marketing web site
  • Posts in Facebook
  • Posts in online forums
  • Posts in twitter
  • Cost per click (CPC) ads
  • MLM classified ads . . . and any other web site where you promote your mlm business opportunity.

    Believe me, words are the most powerful multi level marketing tool for any internet multi level marketing business.

    But how do you craft those words?

    Let's start with a look at the elements that make up an online multi level marketing sales message and then proceed to write some sample online mlm script.


    Elements of A Network Marketing Script

    What makes up an online network marketing script?

    A good online mlm sales letter, sales message, or script usually includes the following:

  • A statement of the problem mlm prospects face (e.g. the painful effects of not having enough money etc)
  • A statement of what they lose as a result of the problem (e.g. the emotional turmoil of dealing with harsh and annoying bosses, lack of time freedom, missing out on family fun and relationships etc)
  • The solution to the problem and
  • Why they should act NOW

    There are three things to remember when you create internet multi level marketing scripts to promote your mlm opportunity online.

    First, most people generally group network marketing programs with fraudulent pyramid programs where people are scammed of their hard earned money.

    Consequently, a lot of people swiss-off (and their fraud alert buttons turn red with a loud "NO, NO, NO!" signal) when they see mlm opportunities being promoted online or when they run into mlm opportunity ads.

    Second, millions of people are looking for the best home business to start. But they do not realize that mlm work from home business opportunities are the very best home based business opportunities available.

    Third, mlm opportunity seekers who are specifically looking for an mlm opportunity to join are bombarded by hundreds of different network marketing opportunities from different network marketers all over the country and beyond.

    Which mlm business opportunity do you think these mlm opportunity seekers will eventually join?

    Of course, they will join the network marketing opportunity that has the most appeal . . . the opportunity that is presented as having the most benefit to them.

    See the three categories of potential mlm signups above?

    They are your target market. But you cannot win them over and make them your team members unless you write persuasive benefit packed online multi level marketing sales letters or mlm sales scripts that trigger their buy or 'join button'.

    Sample Online MLM Script - Script Snippets That Capture Attention And Inspire Signup

    Below are some short script snippets that have the potential to attract the attention of mlm opportunity seekers and people looking for ways to make extra money to improve their family finances.

    MLM Script Snippets Part A: For People Afraid of MLM

    "I make $5,000 per month using a simple duplicatable strategy. You can too. Find out how. Click HERE".

    "What if you could fire your nasty boss? What if you don't have to commute to work every day? What if you could work at home and earn 10 times what you currently earn. Sure it's possible. That is what I do for a living! Click Here for details".

    "What if there is a simpler way to make money and faster? The truth is, there is. Let me show you how"

    "Work from home opportunity. No commute required. No office required. No computer skills required. 100% legal. Simple to implement"

    MLM Script Snippets Part B: For MLM Opportunity Seekers

    "Work from home mlm opportunity. Free distributor web site. Free online earnings tracking. Jaw dropping leadership bonuses"

    "Best network marketing business in Nigeria. Fast track recruiting tools. Six figure income within 90 days of joining. Click HERE for details"

    A Strategy That Works!

    It is obvious from the above that different sales messages appeal to different category of prospects.

    Therefore, it is almost impossible to have one single web page or sales letter that addresses the needs of all category of prospects.

    In fact, if such a sales letter exist, then it will not be targeted message. And therefore it will become less effective.

    Bottom line.

    1. Each internet multi level marketing sales message should target a specific kind of prospect and

    2. Use different sales message for different category of mlm prospects

    Use multiple sales pages targeted at different category of prospects to promote your mlm opportunity and products.

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