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Information marketing Nigeria - There are two routes to marketing information . . . the offline approach and the online approach.

Chapter one of this series covered the offline approach to information marketing business. When you read that chapter, you will realize that the key disadvantages of offline content creation and distribution are:

1. Information disposal - people read your articles and dispose of it. And people who did not get access to the magazine the day it was published will never have access to it again.

2. You do not have your own traffic or customer base, especially when you write for an offline magazine you do not own and

3. It is capital intensive to start your own offline information marketing magazine

My advice?

If you're an average person on a tight budget or someone who do not want to deal with the hassles of starting and running an offline magazine business where you create and market information, then start an online information marketing business.

This section takes a look at the online approach and why it is the best approach for the average person on limited budget who is passionate about creating and distributing information about a subject she loves.

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Online Information Marketing - A Simpler Solution

As mentioned above, there is a simpler route to information marketing.

What route?

Online information marketing business.

Online information writing and distribution happens via the internet.

In this case, you start an e-magazine that is focused on producing content related to the subject matter you love (e.g. football, table tennis, herbal remedies, computers, fashion, hairstyling, multi level marketing information business etc) and then marketing this information using different online promotion techniques.

What are the key benefits of an online information marketing business?

They include:

1. You can do it yourself. This means your employee cost is zero.

2. Zero inventory and inventory costs. No thousands of unsold copies lying in a warehouse somewhere.

3. Overhead cost is zero. All you need is your computer and internet connection.

4. Zero rent cost. You can work in your pyjamas from home.

5. Zero webmaster cost. There are simple to use web page creation tools that let's you do it yourself ( Ask me! I did it myself!)

6. Evergreen content. Your pages remain online forever. And each page you create will keep getting tens of readers, even hundreds of readers, every day even ten years after you wrote them . . . unlike offline newspapers that get thrown away after the day of publication.

7. You become the boss. You decide what sub-topics to cover and your publication schedule. You even decide your vacation time and the duration of your vacation.

8. You can take your business with you anywhere you go because your business is on the worldwide web. You don't even need to take your computer with you to access your e-magazine and create updates.

9. You get plenty of time freedom and you can spend quality time with the people you love

What are the key challenges of starting and running an online information or content marketing business?

When you start out as an online content writer or an e-magazine owner, you will need to learn . . .

  • How to convert the information you wrote in your word document into a format that can be read online via a browser (internet pages use a language called html)
  • How to add images or pictures to your pages
  • How To Add videos to your pages (if you want to)
  • How to add sounds to your pages (if you want to)
  • How to create the structure of your pages and
  • How to promote your pages online and get hundreds and even thousands of readers daily

    In simple words . . . starting and running an online information or content marketing business is not a walk in the park.

    As with everything new, you have to learn the ropes, the basics of online information publishing. And you have to choose a system of tools and process that is hype-free and that lets you execute your information business the right way.

    Obviously, you may have some questions you wish to ask?

    Simply ask the expert.

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