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Free Information Marketing Business Nigeria - Free Information Marketing Tips. Work From Home With Ease!

Information marketing business is the perfect home based business or work from home business whether you live in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.


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Simple reason . . . the world thrives on information.

When you start an information marketing business, you . . .

  1. Choose a subject you know pretty well and that you're passionate about
  2. You target that information to the online audience that need the information
  3. You write information rich web pages focused on helping site visitors get the solution they seek and
  4. You distribute information about the information magazine you own and run

Now think about the four steps outlined in the bullet list above. What does it tell you?

First, it tells you that if you're in the information marketing business, then you're in the writing business . . . or what some people call content creation business.

Second, it tells you that it's not sufficient to just write lots and lots of information about a subject. You also have to market that information to let the world know that the value adding, life-changing information you have exist.

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That is why it is called information marketing business in the first place!

Bottom line.

Information marketing business has four key steps to it:

Step 1: Choose your subject matter. It is recommended you choose a subject you love.

Step 2: Choose your medium of information dissemination

Step 3: Write lots of information about the topic you have decided to share information about. The more information you write, and the longer you keep writing, the more you establish yourself as an expert in that particular discipline.

Step 4: Market the magazine that contains all the information you write. This may be your magazine or one of the popular magazines around.

Information Dissemination - What Medium?

Now you understand what information marketing business is all about.

The next question is, what medium will you use to disseminate the information you have created?

There are several options at your disposal.

You can write for . . .

  • A local offline magazine
  • A local online magazine
  • An international offline magazine
  • An international online magazine
  • Your very own offline magazine and/or Your very own online magazine

Each option above have advantages and disadvantages.

Let's discuss them one after the other.

Writing For Offline Magazines

When you write for popular offline magazines, you immediately get good following by people who patronize those magazines on a regular basis.

If it's a daily magazine, you probably won't be able to present new articles for publication every day, except it's a gossip column where you get loads and loads of petty stuff to gossip about.

In effect, the average writer may send in one or two articles for publication each week.

What happens with these articles?

They get published on the target date and people read and dump them.

Here's a fact with offline magazines.

Most people do not go back in time to read a magazine or newspaper that is 2 months or six months old. This means an offline magazine is transient. Therefore to create lasting impact, you have to keep writing consistently, again and again, week after week, month after month.

The above is one of the key disadvantage of offline magazines.

Another major disadvantage is this . . . it's expensive to start a new magazine, your very own magazine.

If you do put the funds together somehow and launch your own branded magazine, you're faced with the challenge of managing . . .

  • Employee costs
  • Overhead costs
  • Stunning copy that keeps readers engaged
  • Stiff competition from competitors
  • Inventory of unsold copies

. . . and a host of other business issues that sometimes confound even the best CEO's of multinational journals.

Put bluntly . . . it's expensive and nerve racking to run an offline brick and mortal writing and information marketing business.

The good news is . . . there is a simpler and more affordable solution for the average man or woman on budget.

Click HERE to see the low budget information marketing solution for the average person.

Click HERE to see a downline builder that works wonders.

Have Questions?

A lot of information have been covered in this article and the low cost online information marketing page. But I am sure you still have questions.

For example . . .

  • how will you make money from your information marketing business?
  • how do you promote your information marketing business so you earn a substantial income every month?
  • how does your offline target audience differ from your online target audience?
  • How do you defeat your online competitors hands-down and get a lion share of money to be made in your target market?

Questions and more questions.

How do you get answers?

Simply send your question to the internet business consultant.

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