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I Know People Make money From MLM Network Marketing Business. How Do I Become Like Them?

by Greg

Make money From MLM Network Marketing Business in nigeria

Make money From MLM Network Marketing Business in nigeria

I know people make money from mlm network marketing business. My question is, how do I become like them?

This is not a joke. I know people who actually make money from their network marketing business. And I dream of becoming one of them.

Unfortunately, mlm success has eluded me.

For example, my aunt spent several years as a network marketer with one of the old mlm companies in Nigeria. And she rose to become one of the country directors for that network marketing company, collect hundreds of thousands of Naira every month. I know because she's my aunt.

About three years ago she changed company and joined a newer mlm company that just came to Nigeria. Again she quickly excelled and is now a director with that network marketing company.

You see, my aunt makes it all look easy.

In fact, her success with mlm business inspired me to join one mlm business opportunity myself. When I failed with that, I moved on to another mlm business opportunity. But I also failed with that.

I know the amazing profits that can be made from mlm business, but network marketing success has constantly eluded me.

For example, my friend makes an average of 250,000 Naira per month from one mlm business opportunity in Nigeria. He is a family man that started from nothing but now earns between 200,000 - 250,000 Naira every month.

His true life mlm success story lured me to leave the mlm company I was and joined the same mlm company as he was.

Yes, I made a few thousand Naira every month. But it was nothing compared to what he was making.

Here I was with the same mlm company, the same payment plan, the same tools, and yet I couldn't earn as much as 50 percent of what my friend was earning from the same network marketing business opportunity.

What the heck is wrong with me?

Why are all these people, my aunt and my friend plus hundreds of others, able to earn so much from multi level marketing and all I have is crumbs?

What am I doing wrong?

Somebody help!

Reply By Samson, Nigeria MLM Consultant

Greg, you situation is not peculiar. Millions of people who join network marketing don't make it because business success takes . . .

  • Patience
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Relationship building and
  • Persistence

    Unfortunately, the average person don't have these qualities. They want business success and they want it now. That is why most people find it difficult to succeed in business, whether network marketing business or regular offline business.

    Now, let talk about your own specific case.

    Your friends and relatives are making money from network marketing but you're not making anything near what they are making?

    What is stopping you from achieving the same level of mlm business success?

    The truth is . . . only you can answer that question with certainty.


    It's because you alone know your exact situation and the exact things you do when promoting your business. And often, it's a combination of your omission and commission that determine the level of success you can achieve in business and in life.

    Nevertheless, I can show you what people do to succeed with mlm and how implementing those same strategies can work for you.

    Successful network marketers do the following very well.

    1. They are not shy to sell or to talk to people about their mlm business

    2. They use every available opportunity to promote their mlm business

    3. They don't step and cry when someone refuses to take interest in the mlm business they promote or the products they offer. They simply move on to the next person

    4. They do not talk too much. They ask prospects questions about their well-being, health and otherwise. And recommend mlm products that solve the peculiar problems the prospects face.

    5. They listen to prospects talk. And tell a sales story that resonate with prospects.

    6. They willingly share their products with qualified prospects. When prospects experience the products and like the experience, they are more likely to patronize the products and eventually the opportunity

    7. Successful network marketers promote products they believe in. It's difficult to sell something you don't believe in.

    8. Successful network marketers think like their prospects. They get into the mindset of their prospects. When you understand the way prospects think, you can get them to buy.

    9. Successful network marketers sell benefits not products

    10. Successful network marketers spend a higher percentage of their business time building their team. Remember that when you have an mlm business you're a distributor not a retailer.

    11. Successful mlm business owners are disciplined and manage their time effectively. When you own a business and you're the boss, like mlmers are, nobody tells you what to do and when to sell. So, you may become lackadaisical and take the business for granted. Time runs quickly and you may close the month without a single sale.

    12. Successful network marketing business owners don't quit. "Quitters never win and winners never quit". So, find the right mlm business opportunity and stick with it, learning from those succeeding in the business and implementing their business model for yourself.

    13. They choose an mlm business to join not necessarily because of the compensation plan or the money to be made but because of their personal belief in the products, the opportunity, the promotional tools, and the benefits of products and the opportunity to their prospects.

    It's difficult to fake conviction and product benefits. When you can honestly see the benefits, you can sell it with conviction.

    Look through the 13 items above and see where you're lacking. Then make the necessary changes.

    Please understand that conviction, belief and product benefits are not the only ingredients for success. In fact, these are only a tip of the iceberg.

    Another key ingredient for mlm business growth and profitability is mlm leads . . . continuous inflow of network marketing leads.

    Where and how do you find these leads? How and where do you find this continuous stream of people to sell to?

    I suggest you read the Nigeria MLM network marketing Lead section for some helpful tips.

    I wish you success with your mlm business.

    Top MLM Opportunity

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    Nov 18, 2013
    There is definitely something you are not doing
    by: Richard H.

    Greg, to add to what Samson and the others have shared with you, i will say consider their contributions very well and pick up the needed sections to correct your mistakes because there is definitely something you may not be doing right.
    You need to understand that you are in a m=network marketing business and as such you need marketing skills. One thing most network marketers fail to do is that; they do not recognise "what is in it for the prospect". Whenever you are prospecting, ensure that the focus of interest is fully on the prospect. Let the prospect feel and know that you are in for his/her success. It is when the prospect is able to see this(what is in it for him/her) that he/she will give you the needed attention.
    Another thing is that; do not focus and talk about your company because the prospect have no idea. What you should know is that, "people will like to join people". You are the person he
    /she sees at that instance of prospecting and he/she is waiting to see if you are to be trusted.
    Greg, i believe so much that you can be great in this business. Just look out for the right way because THERE IS A SIDE OF NETWORK MARKETING THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT.

    Sep 12, 2011
    Succeeding in Network Marketing
    by: TATJa

    To add to Samson's very good list, I would also say

    14. Successful network marketers understand that they are learning new skills and apply themselves to this. Many persons believe that 'I can market' but we have to take time to learn the product and learn about marketing (Samson's list, for e.g. how to handle rejection is very important)

    15. Successful network marketers use both offline and online marketing strategies. So, if you are in network marketing in today's world, you should also be taking your business online and marketing it to the millions of persons who use the internet (though you have to ensure that you sell online to your specific target market).

    16. Network markets who DO NOT succeed tend to look at people as cash/my next sale and not as a person. So, while it is impossible to build a relationship with everyone in your downline, you want to build strong relationships with your first line downline and also be open to others in your downline who reach out to you. As an insight, building relationships require - sacrifice, commitment, understanding, motivation.

    For Greg - learn from past and press on if network marketing is really on your heart. Also, instead of looking at your Aunt's success, ask her what are some of the things she did to succeed.

    Aug 04, 2011
    Use Your Upline's Reputation
    by: David

    When you start out newly in a network marketing business, you will find that you do not have any record of success to showcase to your prospects.

    So, how do you convince them that there is money to be made from the mlm business opportunity?

    You also face this challenge if you have been with a network marketing business opportunity for awhile and you are yet to achieve concrete results.

    So, what should you do?

    One thing I have found to help is using your upline's success record to demonstrate what is possible.

    You can even get your upline to be present at the business meeting with the prospect so your prospect can hear him talk about his success story one-on-one.

    Note that your upline cannot be present for every single meeting because he also has many downlines who may also have many downlines.

    The secret therefore is to arrange a business meeting with several of your prospects and then get your upline to speak to them all at the same them.

    This method achieves two things:

    1. Your prospects get to hear from a live person, a fellow country man, who is already succeeding with the system and

    2. You can sign up several people at the same time, 2, 5, or 10 people or more at one seating by having sessions with several prospects present.

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