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by Aluu Paschal
(Port Harcourt Nigeria)

Men do become fishers of men by birth or by adoption into the fisherman’s family via information generation and transmission, it was the same in the time of Christ ,it is still the same concept that is adopted in today’s network marketing.


Product & Service tend to emerge from definite vision or set objective and these definite visions or set objective generate information that surround these product or services.


Now for these information’s to be accessed or utilized by a large community, it appropriates to its advantage a vehicle that transcends geographical boundaries, race and tongue, for the transmissions of these information generated around the product or services for the benefit of admirers, hence chain-link marketing or networking or multilevel marketing as it is generally known.


In order words, network marketing is the generation and transmission of information which transcends in its operation the mundane and conventional marketing ethics and thinking module of centuries gone by. I consider network marketing as a practical exercise of Melenia ideology that is rooted in team operation anchored in one dream and enshrined in good product or worthy services.


I see network marketing as a very responsible model, a unique wealth-creating formula via information generation and transmission from men through men and to men. In a repeated and endless circle which is directly established in a formal financial structure or payment plan with a definite aim for self fulfillment and overall financial freedom for genuine operators.


A genuine networker is one that opens the container of his or her dreams, and on realizing that his energy and labour combined with all his strength in a life time cannot fund his or her dreams, willingly throws wide open the doors of his imagining to welcome partners for a team adventure with company that show cases a good product or services to his right hand side and his team of smart leaders and same spirit of team adventure and healthy mind set to his left hand side and consequently uniting them for a healthy financial outing as fishers of finance, working as fishers of men.

In this firmament of networking (original concept), information is freely and willingly generated by the product owners, or visioners or the service providers, transmitted by them to men through men in a kind of financial information democratization, yielding financial proceeds to active partners globally.


There is an uncommon deep feeling of satisfaction that saturate the heart of a man on realizing that he has a treasure upon which only him has a claim of, a treasure of innumerable company of men fishing toward the direction of his financial freedom, not just for now but for year to come. It is good to be able to pay your bills or is it not? Yet it is better to have men pay your bills or don’t you think so? Or do you have contrary opinion? But still don’t you think is best to have the sons of men pay you and still pick your bills. To me, personally this is my identification of financial freedom and financial leverage, and to me this financial freedom.

Moreover, I will rather allow hundred men to work for me, and I make one 1% on each of them for their endeavor, that means a cumulative of 100% from all of them, than ask them to step aside and I do 100% of the job for a life time and still end with only 100% unleveraged, if at all I will achieve that at the end of the day. This is what operators of network company should understand, that there is a ripple or multiple effect generated by their definite actions, when information is transmitted via the network line,which will put men to work, beyond what their energy can accomplish, men actually do endeavor on their behave in a replicate form, producing results.


As a fishermen! Yes you are, to succeed in your fishing adventure, you prepare your net, get set with the product /services, be empowered by the word of knowledge about the product or services with your water boy (as team members with one dream). Your are now ready to launch into the deep of the sea of humans with your boat (Banners, fliers, seminars, tracks, public address system, etc) cast the net on the right side, let your team members do the same. I assure you that time and chance will tell on your skill, yes it will tell on your wisdom, and also it will tell on your craft and swiftness and for real you will have a net breaking experience that is if only you will try and try and try again and again and be ready to overcome the rejection rocket.

However, wealth grows where men exert the instrument of definite desire for its acquisition, in other words in your decision to embark upon this adventure in financial freedom you should bear this in mind.

What to know

Networking is an asset building adventure; an asset is something that works for you so that you don’t have to work for the rest of your life.


In ordinary business you earn income as you labour, but in multilevel marketing company you build asset that work for your financial freedom. Here in networking the asset you built turn around to generate endless income. Very important to remember, when you work on a job you build asset, but that asset is built to work for your employer, not the employee, when your leave the company the asset remain for the owner of the company. But on other hand in network marketing business you build an army of passion-filled-men that will build asset that will work in your favour.

So note that networking is not all about selling product by applying conventional selling ethics and earning peanut from retails sales, this is not networking.

To succeed, networking rest on the focal point of building an army of men by applying your fishing techniques on those who have same team spirit and one vision for financial freedom, through the sharing of product or service information and representing the same product and service with a passion filled heart any where they go.

Finally, you succeed in network marketing by fishing for men who

a. Are their own best customers for the product or services you represent.

b. Sell and service with the same product reasonable number of customers.

c. Are willingly to recruit and teach other people, how to recruit and teach other people in an endless circle, about the message of the product with passionate addiction.

d. To develop and become the leader of so many people who have the same team essence, of developing and becoming the leader of so many people in an endless circle.

e. Build an army of representatives that can command a global team consciousness with universal influence, leading to a guaranteed and reasonable cash inflow via a consistent and committed effort of the team members infused upon them by the leader.

However, to achieve this you must apply the formula I called Dr.S.O.S. COP, meaning you must move, the word is move, from door to door, road to road, school to school, shop to shop, organization to organization, company to company, and also be empowered by a handy proposal relating to your product or services.

More also you must use the product, eat the product (if edible). Drink the product, hear the product speak, see the product, feel the product, above all think the product and live the product this is who you are for now, to succeed in this business you can’t afford to be less than what the product represent in its full essence.

Finally as you plan to succeed, and when you succeed, you will live and treasure every moment with a feeling of blessed assurance of eternal provision that is endless and boundless.

But before you choose any network plan or product or services do please consult a professional networker, surely you will need their counsel, because it is said that when youth come to the aged for advice he will receive the wisdom days.


Be wise call this number +234-8080608081, +234-9096699990


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