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Generating MLM Lead Nigeria - Free Tips For Generating Network Marketing Lead

generating mlm lead nigeria

Generating mlm lead Nigeria - If you are already a network marketer, by now you know that one of the biggest challenge you face is generating network marketing lead to your mlm business.

When I say that generating mlm lead to a network marketing business is the biggest challenge network marketers face, someone who is not in the network marketing business may think that this is a problem peculiar to network marketing business.

Here's the truth.

It doesn't matter what business type you choose to start. You will still have to deal with the question of generating mlm lead (or generating network marketing lead).

Sorry, in this case it will be the problem of generating leads to your chosen business type.

For example, if you choose to start a bakery business, don't expect that everyone in your neighbourhood will immediately abandon the choice bread they eat as a family to buy yours.

Why should they migrate from eating the bread they already know (and love) to buy yours?

The same problem of lead generation follows if you start a . . .

  • Bead making business
  • Provision store business
  • Fashion or tailoring business
  • Drinks business
  • Ice cream business

. . . or any other type of business that interest you.

Secrets To Generating Network Marketing Lead

When people generally think of generating mlm lead, they think of their family and friends.

My advice is . . . don't limit yourself to your family and friends.


There are two key reasons why generating network marketing lead should not be restricted to family and friends.

The first reason is . . . your family and friends is a small pool of people. Even if 20 percent of your friends and family members you know join your mlm business, your number of active downlines will still be too small to continuously grow your business.

Second, a prophet is not respected in his own town.

This means, many of your family members and friends may not take you seriously because you're one of their own.

Remember Jesus Christ the messiah?

Today, billions of professed Christians accept Jesus as their saviour and "the son of God who takes away the sin of the world".

Guess what.

Only a small fraction of Jews, the country men of Jesus, actually accept him as such.


Jesus himself stated the reason when he said, "a prophet is not accepted except in his own home".

The same may happen to you.

Your family members and friends may refuse to accept you as the 'financial prophet' empowered to bring financial freedom to them through high paying and high converting network marketing business you promote.

Why would they not accept your message and become your team members?

The simple reason is that you're a friend or family member. They know you. They are familiar with your family, your workplace, your enterprise before now, and a whole lot more about you.

So, they think to themselves, "how could he possibly have the solution to my financial worries?"

So, instead of listening to you, they go in search of a financial consultant or guru who claims to have the answer to their financial worries.

You get the gist, right?

Generating Multi Level Marketing Lead - The Four Prong Approach

This does not mean your strategy for generating mlm lead should not include your friends and family.

Of course, it should.

However, the above means that you should look beyond your friends and family and instead look at your sphere of influence and beyond.

Your sphere of influence includes:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Office colleagues
  • Neighbours
  • Business associates
  • Non-mlm business clients

. . . and anyone who crosses you path.

In simple words . . . generating mlm lead should come naturally to you. Make yourself the primary mlm lead generator.


'Preach' the message about the mlm products and opportunity you promote wherever you go. This is the best way of generating mlm lead offline.

In summary, I recommend a four prong approach to generating network marketing lead to your mlm business.

1. Target friends and family

2. Make yourself the primary mlm lead generator and present your business to people you meet wherever you are and as opportunities present themselves

3. Get your own mlm web site that send free mlm leads to your business daily

4. Use social network media like Facebook and twitter to promote your mlm business and

5. Buy MLM leads as appropriate to turbo-charge your mlm network marketing lead generation efforts and grow your mlm income even bigger

Bottom line.

Don't be scared of the tough task of generating mlm lead.

Instead, plan to succeed with generating network marketing lead to your network marketing business using the tips and links above.

Guess what.

If you plan to succeed at generating mlm lead to your network marketing business, you will have no choice but to succeed and make money big time.

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