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Fresh MLM Leads Guide Nigeria - One of the toughest questions you will have to deal with as a Nigeria network marketer is, "how do I get fresh network marketing leads to my mlm business every day?"

Why is that the toughest and the most important question to address?

It's because fresh mlm leads (or new potential customers) are the backbone of every mlm business.

What does this mean in practice?

It's pretty obvious.

The more fresh network marketing leads you bring to your business, the higher the number of new prospects who will sign up for the network marketing business opportunity you promote. And the higher your mlm income per month.

That is . . . fresh mlm leads equals more money in your bank account.

Consider the following example to illustrate how powerful fresh network marketing leads can be.

Suppose you talk to 5 mlm prospects per day. Suppose too you have a 20 percent prospect-to-customer conversion ratio.

This means your mlm prospect sign up rate will be one (1) new downline per day.

Now suppose you can double the number of fresh mlm leads (or fresh network marketing leads) to your network marketing business. That is, you talk to 10 people per day about your multi level marketing business.

What happens then?

Simple. Your prospect sign up rate will also double. That is, you will now register two (2) new distributors every day.

How does this increase in new prospect sign up affect your business?

Simple. Your business profits will double.

Get the point?

The more fresh network marketing leads you send to your business, the more your mlm business grows. And the more money you will make from the network marketing business opportunity.

This is mlm network marketing business success course 101!

Conventional Multi Level Marketing Lead Generation - The Limitations

Now that you understand the relationship between fresh mlm leads and your mlm business success, the next natural question is, how do you get fresh network marketing leads to your Nigeria network marketing business every day?

Let's start by reviewing conventional network marketing. That is, what network marketing companies and offline network marketers teach their downlines.

When you register for a network marketing business opportunity, the mlm company and your upline will teach you mlm lead generation strategies to help you grow your business.

What do they teach new distributors?

Most likely your upline will tell you to start with your network . . . your family members, your friends, your neighbours, your relatives, and your colleagues in the office.

Is anything wrong with that lead generation strategy?


In fact, you're likely to have good conversion rate when you talk to people who already know you about this new multi level marketing business you're involved with because they trust you and believe in you.

The relationship that already exist between you and people in your network can result in really high conversions. And that is great.

But what happens after you exhaust your network connections?

How do you get fresh mlm leads after you have overworked your network?

No problem. Simply expand your network.

But how do you expand your network of friends as fast as you will like to grow your mlm business?

How do you get tens of new friends every day who become fresh network marketing leads?

That is a tough task if you're thinking of using the old strategy of knocking on people's doors and scanning yellow pages for fresh mlm leads to work.

That is a low-yield of using your precious time.

There is also another problem with this old-school mlm prospecting strategy of promoting to your sphere of influence.

The problem is this . . . when you get so excited about making money from your mlm business that all you talk about when you see your friends is your network marketing business, your friends will begin to feel used. They will begin to view interactions with you as being commercialized (and boring) and your friends will begin to avoid you like the plague.

I'm sure you don't want that to happen to you.

Fresh Network Marketing Leads - Simplified Approach. Unlimited Fresh Leads

The question is . . .

How do you get fresh mlm leads to your multi level marketing business every day?

How do you get a reliable lead generation source that sends fresh network marketing leads to your mlm network marketing business every day?

The solution is simple.

Upgrade your offline network marketing business to an online mlm business that send tens (even hundreds) of qualified mlm leads to your business every day.

An MLM business using this new generation mlm prospecting strategy is called network marketing home based mlm business.

Use the links above to access information on how to generate unlimited leads to your mlm business right from your home . . . without lifting a finger.

Check out the Top MLM Opportunity that gives you the opportunity to use the internet to grow your mlm business.

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