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Financial Revolution For Young People In Nigeria And Beyond - How To Become A Multi-Millionaire Before Your 30th Birthday

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

Young people in Nigeria are told to go to school, study hard, acquire good degrees and they will be assured of getting a lucrative job with fat salary.

Unfortunately, the reality today is that thousands of University and polytechnic graduates are out of school but without jobs to go to.

The truth is . . . companies are not employing graduates (and even unskilled labour) the way they used to because of deployment of new technology in the workplace that reduces manual labour and, hence, the number of people required to achieve company objectives.

The result is that thousands of University graduates and high school leavers are roaming the streets of Nigeria looking for non-existent jobs.

Some of these graduates have been forced to go back to school to get a second degree with the hope that this will improve their chances of getting a lucrative job.

Sadly, thousands of graduates who have spent huge amounts of money to get a second degree still do not have jobs.

The jobs are just not there!

So, how will these Nigerians make ends meet?

Some have turned to a life of crime which eventually leads to imprisonment and sometimes untimely death.

We are losing good number of our young people to desperate criminality and untimely deaths!

There has to be a solution!

Hundreds of young hard working Nigerians (and even older folks) who desire to earn honest income have decided to latch unto street hawking all in a bid to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, street hawking exposes young people (and older people alike) to heavy risks which include risk of vehicle accidents, risk of sexual molestation and even the risk of falling into the hands of heartless ritualists.

Bottom line.

We need a better solution to save our young people from the scourge of unemployment!

A Better Way To Make Money

The first step to help our young people achieve financial freedom is to help them understand the art of making money and the rules of wealth.

When YOU, whether young or old, understand how the very rich of the society achieve their enormous wealth, you can imitate their example to achieve financial freedom.

You see, it doesn’t matter your position in life right now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. What matters is to understand the rules to wealth and to apply it and work with it tirelessly. And yes, you will become wealthy.

The Seven Rules To Financial Success

Here are the rules to financial success. And these rules will work for you whether you live in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

RULE #1: You won’t Get Financially FREE by Working A Paid Job. If you doubt what I say, visit google and search for the term, “richest men in the world”. Read through the list that appears. You will notice that the richest men listed are all businessmen or investors. You see, having a paid job is great.

Unfortunately, many employees retire poor or become poor after retirement. So, working a job is not something you want to do permanently because it won’t make you permanently rich.

Want to be rich?

Have a business!

RULE #2: Hawking Won’t Make You Rich. This is self-explanatory. Look at all the people you know who are hawkers. How many of them have become a multi-millionaire through hawking? Most likely, none. So, why do you want to go in that direction?

RULE #3: Think Big. Have A Vision To Be Great. A man cannot be greater than his dreams. And as people say, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. All great men had a vision. And that vision kept them going even when things were tough or upside down.

RULE #4: Help People Solve A Problem. People who help other people solve a problem are often rewarded financially. And the more problems you solve the more money you make. In the same vein, the bigger the problems you help people solve, the more money you will make. So, help somebody solve a problem today!

RULE #5: Help People Solve HEALTH Problems. The problems that cause the greatest havoc on people’s lives are health problems. From rule #4 above you know that the bigger the problems you can solve, the more money you will make. Therefore, if health problems are the biggest problems people have, if you can help them solve this problem or reduce it to the barest minimum, you could make a lot of money. But you’re not a medical doctor, how do you help people solve health problems? That brings us to rule #6 for making lots of money.

RULE #6: Partner With A Health & Wellness Network Marketing Company. A health and wellness network marketing company reward people financially when they refer paying customers to the company. In fact, this kind of companies have well-defined reward system and this reward system is clearly spelt out in the company’s compensation plan document. All you have to do to get paid juicy bonuses is to connect customers to the company. When a purchase occurs, you earn bonuses.

There is another kind of bonus you also earn based on helping people solve another problem or meeting another need. And that problem (or need) is the desire to make more money.

You see, the two biggest problems people have is ill-health and lack of enough money to meet their needs.

The best part is . . . a health and wellness network marketing company empowers you to help people solve both problems.

Yes, you get to kill two birds with one stone!

Help people get health and wealthy and you will make a lot of money!

RULE #7: Choose the Right Health & Wellness MLM Company. This is important because not all health and wellness network marketing companies are created equal. What makes the difference? It is the compensation system adopted by the company. For example, some companies pay affiliates or brand partners with a compensation system called the matrix compensation plan while others pay using the binary compensation plan. If company ABC and company XYZ use matrix and binary compensation plans respectively and you do the same amount of sales for each company, you will get paid different amounts of money.

Bottom line.

How much you will earn from the company with the same level of sales depends on the compensation plan type (e.g. matrix, binary etc) and the clauses in the compensation plan.

What should you do if you’re smart?

Read and understand the compensation plan document before you join. And ask your sponsor and the company the right questions before you join!

Join The Financial Freedom Revolution - Become A Multi-Millionaire Before Age 30!

Many young people (and older ones alike) have become multi-millionaires by partnering with a multinational health and wellness company with 100% binary compensation plan.

If you desire to become a multi-millionaire . . . and NEVER have to look for paid employment again . . . I recommend you join the multinational health and wellness company with head office in the USA.

This company has business operations in more than 50 countries of the world and has made a lot of young and old people multi-millionaires.

Yes, you can become a multi-millionaire before age 30 just like Alex!

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